Battle Pass Season VIII: Event Guide

Commanders! Welcome to Battle Pass Season VIII, running from June 1st, 05:30 CEST (UTC+2) through August 31st!

The new Season is the result of a creative collaboration by World of Tanks and Warhammer 40,000, a rich universe based on tabletop miniature wargames and also comprising countless books and video games.

The Rewards

While the narrative of Season VIII takes a new and exciting turn, its mechanics remain the same as the previous Season, from earning Battle Pass Points to the possibility of starting with any Chapter and switching to another on your whim.

The prizes are lucrative, as usual, and even more so with an Improved Pass. Let’s take a closer look!
It applies for all the 3 Chapters.

The 3D Styles

There’s plenty of great stuff to be earned in battle during Battle Pass Season VIII, but some spoils of WAAAGH! really stand out. Like, for example, the brand-new Warhammer 40,000-themed progressive 3D styles for the Season VIII Core Vehicles.

    • Your  XE 100  can proudly wear Ultramarine colors (which is mainly the namesake one).

    • Your  XObject 430U  can experience the influence of Nurgle, one of the powerful Chaos Gods.

    • And your  XSTB-1  can turn mean and red for more DAKKA—and because “red goes fasta.” Just look at those fangs!

The New Commanders

Meet the commanders from the grimdark future! Completing Chapter I—”All Shall Rot”—will bring you Dolgoth Sepk of the Death Guard, putrid but competent. Finishing Chapter II—”Courage and Honour”—will make valiant Volusad Thassius of the Ultramarines available for recruitment. And seeing through Chapter III—”Red ‘Uns Go Faster”—will put energetic and jovial Kroglin da Facegrinda of the Evil Sunz Orks on your side.


Please take note that, this time, you are free to assign the commanders a Major Qualification but not their nation (the latter corresponds to the Core Vehicle associated with their faction).

The 2D Styles

Last but not least, we’d like to mention the three fit-all 2D styles, each coming as a reward for completing a Chapter. Take a peek at them in the gallery below.

The Cobra

We would also like to draw your attention to the Cobra, one of the vehicles available for Battle Pass Tokens. There are two reasons for that. First, Season VIII is the first time you can obtain enough Tokens to claim this powerful medium tank. Second, the Cobra’s stats are currently being finalized (see the preliminary ones below) so that it’s ready to burst into the game in full power. This Tier IX Brit offers a bombastic combination of HESH shells and an autoloader.

Earning Battle Pass Points

As it always goes, you need Battle Pass Points to claim the goodies. During Season VIII, you can earn them in Random Battles and by completing Daily Missions. (Keep in mind that Points awarded for Daily Missions are given even after you reach a vehicle’s Point Limit.) The Core Vehicles of Season VIII—the XE 100 , the XObject 430U , and the XSTB-1 —have extended Limits for maximum Points.

The Bundles

Over the course of Battle Pass Season VIII, numerous themed bundles will be available in the game’s Premium Shop. Among these, we would like to highlight one featuring the devout Natalestra Aspais of Adepta Sororitas as a crew member and the awesome-looking Ignis Purgatio 3D style for the XBat.-Châtillon 25 t .

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  1. In the current season it states our current battlepass tokens will be available until December 20, 2022 so in theory if I save my tokens this season I should be able to get the Cobra almost immediately right?

  2. The tokens are valid during Battle Pass VII to IX, so after this Warhammer nonsense will also be another Battle Pass.
    I will also do it this way. I will mostly take a break during this Pass, maybe playing for the 3 missing tokens. If not, I will get those and the Cobra in the Autumn Battle Pass.

  3. Dunno why people are sleeping during this pass.
    The Bonds alone make it worth it for me.

  4. Recently I’ve been playing Chaosgate Demon Hunter. It’s a rare fun 40k video game.

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