WoT RU: Bond Shop Update

It is still unknown if EU/NA/ASIA get this update as well.
From June 1, 16:00 (Moscow time), new tanks/camos will be added to the Bond Shop:

XAMX 50 Foch (155) 12 000
VIIIKV-5 8000
VIIIM41D 8000
VIPz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm 5000
2D style “Chinese porcelain” 450
2D Style “Red Desert” 450
2D Style Dazzling” 450
2D style “Overlord” 450

“Chinese porcelain”

Red Desert”



8 thoughts on “WoT RU: Bond Shop Update

  1. i have spend 20k bond for foch during last offerand now they want put it in bond shop for 12k, shittt.

    1. You can’t hold the same price of digital items forever. Tanks gets naturally devalued and new are added. Wait long enough and T95/chief will be available for laughable price and other ultra rare “I must have this tank” will be added. We are trapped in this addiction together brother.

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