WoT: Frontline Rental Tanks Bonus Codes (EU)

Start with the one you truly want, I do not think there are second chances.

IAMCAERNARVON2022 – Caernarvon AX

IAM50TP2022 – 50TP Prototyp

IAMT26E52022 – T26E5

IAMCALIBAN2022 – Caliban

IAMT54FP2022 – T-54 First Prototype

IAMKNJGDPZR2022 – Kanonenjagdpanzer 105

IAMSKODAT272022 – Skoda T27

IAMHWK302022 – HWK 30

IAMBOFORSTRNVGN2022 – Bofors Tornvagn

IAMCHRYSLERK2022 – Chrysler K

IAMLOWE2022 – Lowe

IAMT26SP2022 – Super Pershing/T26E4

IAMSU130PM2022 – Su-130 PM

IAM122TM2022 – 122 TM

IAMS12022 – Strv S1


6 thoughts on “WoT: Frontline Rental Tanks Bonus Codes (EU)

  1. Got the Caliban code to test the thing (in case I wanted to buy it), and I’m glad I did because it’s awful. Gun handling and aim time are those of arta, and HESH is useless unless it hits paper tanks or side-rear, really no point in making a howitzer tank with HE nerfed to uselesness. And if WG thinks going full gold is the right way to make Caliban work, they are under the influence.

  2. I could only get one to work. 2 day rental for a 7 day event. But at least got 2 days.

  3. Callinbans tank is trash. Takes forever to load and aim then you miss because the shell is too slow.

    When you do hit you do 90HP damage 🤦🏻‍♂️

    The tank is slow driving but can bounce progretto and Borat shells very easily.

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