Supertest: Himmelsdorf and Murovanka Map Changes


The changes made to the Himmelsdorf and Murovanka maps in the Encounter Battle mode are aimed at improving balance.

Improving the position on the hill:
– Added a depression for a safer retreat by the Green team.
– Added a position on the side of the Green team, which will allow for more comfortable playing hull-down when repelling an enemy attack.

Added the corner of the castle (for more convenient reverse playing) and removed a piece of wall that prevented players from attacking from both sides.

-The base has been moved a little.
-The idea was to find a more balanced position to control the base circle and to provide more options for capturing it.

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3 thoughts on “Supertest: Himmelsdorf and Murovanka Map Changes

  1. I’d be inclined to agree with you but considering how I like the second version of “Pilsen” less than the first maybe it’s just as well.

    1. mmm i dont know i still like pilsen as it is now at least u can play it with lights and tds, is not perfect anyway but its descent
      On the other hand they ruinded berlin while its still boring map to play in a not hulldown heavy
      I prefer the new Minsk than the old one (anyway they remove it, something they should maybe does with mines for high tiers or at least let people block around 7 maps)

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