WoT – Vehicle Stat Changes (Object 259A, Cobra, FV4201 Chieftain Proto, TS-54)

Source: WOT Express

Object 259A: (USSR, T-8, premium)

Moving Dispersion (Max):  0.24 0.19
Tank Traverse Dispersion (Max): 0.24 0.19
Aiming time (s): 3.07 2.68
Dispersion at 100m: 0.40 0.36

Cobra: (🇬🇧Great Britain, T-9, reward)

Turret Traverse Dispersion (Max):  0.11 0.08
Reload Time (s): 52.73 47.94
Intra-clip reload (s): 1.9 1.5
Rate of fire: 4.11 4.58
Dispersion at 100m: 0.39 0.36
Average damage of HESH (special) ammo: 465 490
DPM of HEAT (main) ammo: 1,479 1,648
DPM of HESH (special) ammo: 1,910 2,243
DPM of HE (secondary) ammo: 2,115 2,357
Shell velocity of HESH (special) ammo(m/s): 1,065 1,165

FV4201 Chieftain Proto: (🇬🇧Great Britain, T-9, premium)

Changes regarding the second iteration of the supertest.
It’s still a premium, the status of the tank was not changed.
• Added tank role: Versatile Heavy tank
• Added HD textures.
• Added a short description of the tank:
Comfortable gun, strong frontal armor.
• A detailed description of the tank has been added:
Tier IX British premium tank with an accurate gun and comfortable HVL. The vehicle is distinguished by good mobility for its type, excellent visibility and good frontal armor, but the protection of the sides and stern leaves much to be desired.

TS-54: (🇺🇸USA, T-8, prem, with double-barreled mechanics)

Changes regarding the first iteration of the supertest.
• Added HD Textures.
• Added a short description of the tank:
Two guns, high rate of fire.
• Added a detailed description of the tank:
Tier VIII American Premium tank, armed with a twin gun mount with a salvo capability. Both medium-caliber guns are distinguished by their rate of fire and good dispersion. In general, this is an unhurried positional combat support vehicle with decent frontal armor.

9 thoughts on “WoT – Vehicle Stat Changes (Object 259A, Cobra, FV4201 Chieftain Proto, TS-54)

  1. Come on lets hope the t9 cheif makes its way to a tech tree going to the teir 10. I think they could do 8, 9 and 10. Didnt one of the early prototype have a 105

    1. Even if it does end up as a premium there’d still be the possibility of a tech tree branch.

      Tier VIII – FV4201 Concept
      Tier IX – Chieftain Mk 1
      Tier X – Chieftain Mk 6

      1. This is true however with how slow WG moves I was being hopeful that this was the path

  2. Extremely disappointing that the Chieftain Proto is confirmed to be a premium. The Chieftain Mk 6 has been sitting in the game files since forever, and this would make an excellent mini-branch of British heavies.

    1. IIRC it does have the same crew setup – commander, gunner, driver and two loaders. The tank stats card can be checked on tanks.gg anyway.

  3. unhurried

    They’re honest for a change. TS-54 has terrible (think T34) ground resistance, it cannot reach its standard top speed even on paved ground, and moves like molasses on soft terrain.

  4. all we need now is some buffs for the Lorr 50t and we’re good to go cause the lorr 50t is a total joke.

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