17 thoughts on “WoT – Developer Diaries: Italian Tank Destroyers

          1. Ok, and?
            No one’s forcing you to play it. Go play WT if you don’t want the fake tanks

      1. Tier V and VI are real. Unfortunate that WG isn’t at least including the a Tier IV. After the tech trees were “simplified” 2 years ago and thus moved Tier II and III tank destroyers to the collector tab, every TD line has started at Tier IV. But this one starts at Tier V instead for some reason, even though there very much were vehicles to fill the lower tiers.

        Now the Semovente L40 with its 47mm gun would obviously be far too weak for Tier IV. But I tend to think the Semovente M41 is a bit weak for Tier V, and would be a far better fit at Tier IV. Then they could put the Semovente M42 at Tier V, and continue the line as-is otherwise. That would at least add one more real vehicle to the line.

        Unfortunately the Semovente M41M with its 90mm/53 gun only carried 8 rounds of ammo (it relied on a support vehicle carrying extra ammo), so isn’t suitable to WoT. And the Breda 501 with the same gun, while entirely suitable to WoT, is a wheeled vehicle and thus wouldn’t fit with the rest of this line. So these paper tanks that WG probably made up might be the only realistic options for Tiers VII and up.

        1. Fuck your revisionist BS. Next you gonna say japs and IJA are the victims like what they teach in jap school over there. In terms of fanaticism and killing civilians for no reason japs might even top the nazis.

          At least the Kongzhong fakes have actual real guns, hulls, transmissions… All the parts are real. Fuck your stretching 1 BS napkin “trust-me-dude” doodle into a line weakazz BULLSHIT. Why WOULD WE need ANOTHER BS IMPOSSIBLE TO DRIVE 1 MILE FAKE TANK after the DUMB TYPE 5 line? “OMG another even shittier jagdpanzer copypasta line?!” Get your weakazz BS outta here!!!

          1. Most of the TDs in that proposal physically existed IRL, and the rest are based on actual blueprints.

  1. 130mm? 560×5? it’s brutal. But not 2sec intra haha 😆 waffle e100 are smiling in grave.

  2. I guess I need to start accumulating Italian national fragments…glad I kept my mid-tier Italian mediums and heavies; I’ll have decent crews to reassign.

  3. first impression: too effing American

    the turret from the Tier 9 (CC-1 Mk.2) is clearly inspired by the turret from German prototype of the MBT-70 project

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