Steel Hunter 2022: Firnulfir Map Video

Video presentation of the newest location.

A new epic map. In addition to the two existing maps — Area 404 and Arzagir 4.04 — we’ve added another impressive location called Firnulfir. Its appearance refers to the harsh Scandinavian landscapes and will be the background for your journey through the snowy and mysterious tundra. Here, battles will take place among small settlements and picturesque, frosty reservoirs. However, it will not be the best place to enjoy the views as you will have to fight to survive until the very last!

Облёт карты «Фирнульфир» + эффекты | АСМР | 1.17 WOTОблёт карты «Фирнульфир» + эффекты | АСМР | 1.17 WOT

2 thoughts on “Steel Hunter 2022: Firnulfir Map Video

  1. WG cunts trying to be funny when and failing miserably when you know you shot T29 2x full aimed, green point, no pen, no damage. Because they rigged game to make you lose.

    Premium ammo not fixed. Arty not fixed. Wheeled vehicles not fixed and actually worse because “armor not hit” happening more and more.

    But lets do new game mode, update game mode instead of actually fixing the core game.

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