Supertest: Winkelburg


Game mode: Standard Battle
Map size: 1,000×1,000 meters
Location: Europe


Main zoning:

1 – City. The main encounter area of heavy tanks. Each team has two directions of convergence to the central square. There are crossings with balconies between the directions. The central square has a structure that allows opponents to clash in close combat.

2 – Suburbs. The zone is used for risky tactics in manoeuvrable medium and light tanks, allowing for reconnaissance and flanking heavy tanks.

3 – An open area for reconnaissance and observation of vehicle movement at the beginning of the battle. There are structures for retreats and fast-paced clashes in light tanks.

4 – Quarry. The main clash area for medium tanks. There are locations for long-range battles and for utilizing the terrain. The centre of the zone is represented by a balcony, from which it is possible to fire effectively at the center of the city and in the direction of bases. At the same time, the position is risky due to the possibility of being spotted.

5 – The map provides a number of universal positions for tank destroyers that provide cover to the main directions.

6 – Secondary positions for concealed vehicle advances, as well as for the deployment of artillery.

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