“Queen of the Night” Chapter: Get the New Czechoslovakian Tank Destroyer!

This time-limited Chapter will be available from May 12 through the morning of May 23. If you complete it within the given timeframe, you will get the ShPTK-TVP 100, a Tier VIII Premium Czechoslovakian tank destroyer.

But that’s not all! If you get the Improved Pass for the “Queen of the Night” Chapter and complete the Improved Rewards Track, you will grab a striking 3D style for this new vehicle. Read up on all the details and get ready to win!

Battle Pass: Time-Limited “Queen of the Night” Chapter

May 12, 2022, at 06:50 CEST through May 23, 2022, at 06:20 CEST (UTC+2)

Time-Limited “Queen of the Night” Chapter: Let’s Refresh the Challenge Format!

We’re offering you a fresh and experimental take on your favorite opportunity to get a Premium vehicle for free. This time-limited Chapter will be available for 10 days as part of Battle Pass Season VII. If you complete it, you can get the first-ever Czechoslovakian tank destroyer in the game for free!

 During the launch of an additional Chapter, we’re testing several new mechanics, one of which is the complexity of the progression system for players.
The Chapter’s progression value was calculated based on all sources of earning Battle Pass Points. It is important for us that you use all these sources to earn Points and advance through the progression, especially Daily Missions—they can earn you a significant number of Points. Another important source is the increased number of Points that Battle Pass Core Vehicles earn.
After the Chapter has finished, we will evaluate this new format to see if it is worth continuing in the future.

How It Works

As with the three main Chapters, this additional Chapter needs to be manually selected and confirmed in order to start earning rewards for your progress. Considering the Chapter is limited in time, it is better to activate it and start completing it as soon as it becomes available.


The progression system works in the same way as in the main Chapters but for a limited period of time. Upon completing it, you will receive a brand-new Premium vehicle for free. Now let’s see what the Chapter’s main differences are and dig into the details.

  • You earn Battle Pass Progression Points according to the standard rules, based on the results of the battle. Battle Pass Core Vehicles—the XLeopard 1 , the XKranvagn , and the  XT110E4 —still have increased Point Limits and can earn more Points in battles, assuming you haven’t reached their Point Limits.
  • You also earn Points for completing Daily Missions and the Bonus Mission.
  • You will be rewarded with additional Battle Pass Points when the Point Limit for a vehicle has been reached, even if you started filling the Limit before the start of this Chapter.


All Point Limits that apply throughout the Season also apply to the additional Chapter.

Daily Missions will be an important source of progression completion. To get the most out of these Missions, you will need to complete them on a regular basis. However, Daily Missions are quite doable and don’t take much time to complete. And remember that if you don’t like the conditions of a particular Mission, you can re-roll it!

You cannot invest Progression Points previously earned in Battle Pass into your progress in this time-limited Chapter.

Compared to the familiar challenge format, the additional Chapter offers more options and flexibility. Now, the whole process will be more manageable, and it will be easier for you to estimate how much effort it will take to complete the Chapter and get the main prize for free.

Reward Tracks

The Chapter involves completing 40 consecutive Stages instead of 10. With the increase in Stages, it will now be easier for you to plan your time. The Chapter has one progression system but two Reward Tracks: Base Rewards and Improved Rewards. Each Stage completed in the Base Rewards Track will bring you useful prizes, including:

  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • Bonds
  • Credits
  • And much more!

When all 40 Stages in the Base Rewards Track are completed within the given timeframe, you will get the ShPTK-TVP 100 for free. This vehicle comes with a 100% trained crew.

Want to receive even more rewards, such as Personal Reserves and Crew Books? Get the Improved Pass for this additional Chapter to unlock the Improved Rewards Track. After that, you will receive all Improved Rewards for the Stages you have already completed in the first Track. The main prize for this Improved Reward Track is a spectacular 3D style for the ShPTK-TVP 100.

ShPTK TVP 100 3D StyleShPTK TVP 100 3D Style

As before, you determine the final cost of the vehicle. It will depend on the number of Battle Pass Stages you have completed, just like in the main Chapters. Purchasing an Improved Pass allows you to purchase any number of Progression Stages. It is up to you to decide how many Stages to complete while playing World of Tanks, and how many to buy for gold.

There will be no “last call” period for making a purchase. Don’t miss the deadline, and make your decision before the morning of May 23 when the extra Chapter ends.

12 thoughts on ““Queen of the Night” Chapter: Get the New Czechoslovakian Tank Destroyer!

  1. I’m certainly looking forward to this vehicle, regardless of whether there is going to be a Czech TD branch, but it certainly suggests such a branch line is coming.

  2. worthless junk
    tanks with DPM are worthless against meta hull down tanks
    avoid this crap

    1. This vehicle looks like it’s going to be great if you know what you’re doing…which includes not sitting in front of hull-down meta heavies. To those there is only one solution…artillery; deal with it.

      1. What are you chatting about?
        Arty is trashed into the ground. No assist damage and a direct hit gains 45 HP.
        Nobody plays arty anymore except a certain type of animal.

  3. well, my M53 would have y word with you. 😉

    sure, hulldown tanks are still hard to come by, but aven on a Kran you can do quitr some damage. If you happen to hilt the turret, it will not be that much. but that hull is rather soft on top. eg

    I have done quite some time like 400 damage on Krans and the like.

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