Update 1.17: First Common Test Patchnotes

List of Changes CT1

Main Changes

Steel Hunter 2022

Added the new Firnulfir map.

Added three new vehicles, each of which has unique combat Abilities:

  • Beowulf, a Swedish heavy tank
  • Huragan, a Polish medium tank
  • Bái Láng, a Chinese light tank

By default, all players have access to the Varyag, Raven, and Arlequin vehicles; the rest of the vehicles can be taken for a free test-drive and then rented for Steel Seals, the unique mode currency.

Mode Economy Improvements:

  • The amount of resources earned now depends on not only the position in the battle results but also the overall combat performance.
  • The resource gain is now affected by WoT Premium Account, Credit Reserve, Personal and Clan Reserves, and Platoon Bonus.

The size of the map changes dynamically. The shrink speed of the battlefield depends on the number of destroyed vehicles.

The loot composition has been changed:

  • Consumables restore HP, contain ammunition and XP to upgrade the vehicle, and ensure (to a certain probability) a charge for the Recovery Ability.
  • Supplies (previously ammunition) repair damaged modules and contain XP (but less than in consumables). There is also a certain probability of getting a charge for the Repair Kit Ability or one of the unique combat Abilities.
  • Airdrop is the most valuable loot type. It restores HP and repairs damaged modules, and it also contains ammunition, XP, and charges for all four Abilities. Collecting Airdrop takes seven seconds.
  • Spoils of War. The Spoils of War composition remains unchanged, but the time to collect it takes two seconds.

The Platoon is now limited to two players.

Radio Detection upgrades have been reworked. Each of them has distinct pros and cons.

To make the existing vehicles more relevant, balance changes have been made to their technical characteristics

Achievements in the mode can be viewed in the Service Record tab.

A set of unique and daily missions is available. By completing them, you can get more resources, from credits to Steel Seals.

Map Improvements:

  • The possibility of driving into the non-playable areas in squares A4, B0, B5, C3, C4, C5, C6, C8, D1, D7, D8, E1, E7, F1, G4, J6, and H9 on the Dreamland map has been removed.
  • The possibility of driving into the non-playable areas in squares G0, H0, H5, H6, J0, J8, J9, and K9 on the Arzagir 4.04 map has been removed.


The Attack Bomber Squadron structure has been replaced with the Logistics Service structure.

The Airstrike Combat Reserve has been removed, and the Inspire Reserve has been added.

The Artillery Strike Combat Reserve now causes fixed (and more predictable) damage. Both teams can see the effect area of the Combat Reserve.

Both Reserves—Artillery Strike and Inspire—can be taken into battle at once.

The damage caused with the Artillery Strike Reserve is displayed in the battle results.

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles:


  • The TS-54 vehicle has been added to the game resources.

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