Features of Update 1.17: The First Common Test Begins

Try out the long-awaited Steel Hunter mode, featuring a fresh map, three new vehicles, and many other important changes. We’re also reworking Combat Reserves in Strongholds to provide you with more tactical opportunities.

Plus, after Update 1.17 goes live, World of Tanks will host a new Season of the Recon Mission mode. It will kick off in June and will be available for preliminary testing during the second Common Test of Update 1.17. We’ll share more details in a dedicated publication later, so stay tuned!

Steel Hunter: A New Season Is Coming!

Our Battle Royale mode is returning to World of Tanks! Steel Hunter 2022 received the largest series of complex changes since its release and will now be more exciting than ever. Here’s what you can expect:

  • An epic new map. In addition to the two existing maps—Dreamland and Arzagir 4.04—we added another impressive locale called Firnulfir. It is designed in a harsh Scandinavian setting and will take you on a journey to a snowy and mysterious tundra. Here, battles will unfold amid small settlements and picturesque frozen reservoirs. However, this is not the best place to enjoy the views because you’ll have to fight for survival and become the last hero standing!
  • Three new vehicles. This year, three brand-new vehicles with unique new abilities will be joining the hunt:

1. The Huragan (Poland), a versatile medium tank that plays a more defensive role.

2. The Bái Láng (China), a speedy tank that serves best as a scout.

3. The Beowulf (Sweden), a perfect vehicle for attacking and hunting.

  • Platoons of two players instead of three. In the new Season, you will no longer need to look for a third player to create a Platoon and go hunting. Team up with your friend, compete with nine other Platoons, and prove that your Steel Hunter duo is the best!
  • Reworked Danger Zones and loot mechanics. Danger Zones will now close depending on the number of players in them. Additionally, some rules for the loot spawn will change, but we’ll give you more details about that shortly before the release of Steel Hunter 2022.
  • Battle Pass support. You’ll still be able to earn Battle Pass Points based on your position in the post-battle ranking.
  • Steel Hunter statistics in the Service Record → Statistics tab. You can now track your combat performance in Steel Hunter in your Garage via the Service Record → Statistics tab. When selecting the Steel Hunter mode from the dropdown menu of available game modes, you will see your average damage per battle, the number of battles played, and other stats.
  • Loot from destroyed vehicles will be depicted on the minimap. Get ready to compete for trophies with other Steel Hunters!

Economy in Steel Hunter

The mode’s economy was completely reworked to include Steel Seals, a new in-game currency that you can use to rent powerful event vehicles. Your earnings in Steel Hunter will depend on the amount of damage caused, as well as the number of damaged modules and destroyed opponents. The higher you place in the post-battle ranking, the more Steel Seals, credits, and Combat XP you earn.

Plus, Steel Hunter will now have a permanent bonus to credits and Combat XP from WoT Premium Account and allow you to earn 50% more Steel Seals.

But that’s not all! When playing in the mode, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Personal and Clan Reserves for extra Combat XP and credits.
  • a 15% bonus to credits and XP when playing in a Platoon.

Steel Hunter’s economy during the Common Test is not final and will be further adjusted after testing.

Rental Vehicles

In the new Season, three out of eight event vehicles—the Varyag, the Raven, and the Arlequin—will always be available by default. The remaining five tanks will be available for rent. You can rent each of them for free for the first time, and each subsequent rental will cost you a few Steel Seals. You will earn them in battles, depending on your place in the post-battle ranking.

Reworking Combat Reserves in Strongholds

During this Common Test, you can also try out the reworked Combat Reserves in Strongholds. Instead of two reserves with a similar effect—Airstrike and Artillery Strike—only Artillery Strike will cause damage. Airstrike, in turn, will be renamed Inspire and become a tactical Reserve. It will improve the crew performance of the vehicle and of all allies within its radius, like in Frontline. The higher the level of this Reserve, the greater its radius and effect will be.

You will be able to take two Combat Reserves of different types into battle. The creator of the room can keep both Reserves and give them to any clan member or distribute them among different clanmates. In this case, one of them will become Gunner and the other will be Inspirer.

In addition, Artillery Strike now causes fixed—and more predictable—damage. Clan players from both teams will see the strike zone, so you can leave it in time and avoid maximum damage. The higher the Artillery Strike Level, the greater its radius and damage will be.


The economy of Strongholds will also be brought in line with these changes. Once they go live, old buildings will be converted into new ones. They will retain their current level.

With two reworked Combat Reserves, the total bonus to Industrial Resources you earn will remain the same.

Clan commanders and officers will receive special notifications in the game client to learn more about these changes. We’re sure that they will provide you with more tactical opportunities and help you win glorious new victories!

Join the Common Test and share your impressions on the updated Steel Hunter mode and Strongholds changes, Commanders!

7 thoughts on “Features of Update 1.17: The First Common Test Begins

  1. SteelHunter mode is shit, has been shit, always will be shit. Never will I play again that useless waste of time, energy and credits.
    Never won one game, no matter what I did.

      1. Brawling is the only fun you can have in this game. Calling people morons because they don’t enjoy camping with a TD for 15 minutes, or being hulldown/sidescraping with impenetrable tanks is moronic behaviour

    1. Lol, u never won a single match. I, for one, was in top 3 very often and 1 in 4 games i was 1st. So i guess you just have no clue and blame it on the mode, there are no teammates to save your ass i guess. Its very fun and rewarding when you actually know what you are doing.

      1. Also, very often you get third partied or you miss/don’t pen a single shot because of rng and you are dead in the first minute of this game mode while not making a single mistake.

        1. Yes there is some unpleasant randomness that puts you out of the match too soon from time to time. I had such matches. However, in such cases, the challange itself to survive and try to outsmart the disadvantageous situation made it fun. Terrible games were not that common for me tho.

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