WoT EU: Monthly Rundown: May Specials and Events

Take an early look at two new Top of the Tree heroes, new Twitch Drops challenges, and the return of Frontline! These are definitely the specials and events you can look forward to in May.

Upcoming Specials and Events

April 29 – May 2: XP Fever – Feel the heat and earn heaps of extra XP with another classic special.
April 30 and May 1: WoT7 Tournament Finals – Join the WoT7 finals live on Twitch to earn guaranteed in-game rewards the longer you watch.
Until May 4: Art of Strategy – This is your last chance to try the brand-new game mode and prove yourself as a Strategist.
May 5 – June 5: Top of the Tree – Discounts, missions, and bundles to get to the top. Explore the Japanese medium tank and Italian heavy tank Tech Tree lines.
May 6 – May 9: Mother’s Day Celebrations – Easy missions to earn customizations to honor all mothers.
May 13 – May 16: Team Effort – Get together in a Platoon and earn extra XP.
May 20 – May 23: Crew Is Crucial – Treat your crews with discounts and missions for helpful rewards in this classic special.
From May 26: Referral Program: Season 10 – Season 9 ends and a new Season of the Referral Program is about to begin. Keep an eye on the portal for more details.
May 23 – May 30: Frontline Episode 1 – Storm enemy defenses or work as a team to halt the onslaught in Frontline Episode 1.
May 27 – May 30: XP Fever – We end much like how we began. Another xp fever with different amounts of experience based on the tier that you complete the missions in.

May will be full of great specials, surprises, and exciting events. Make sure to check the portal regularly for the latest news and updates!

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