Rumours about EU server transfer for Ukrainian people

Allegedly it is going to be possible to transfer RU server accounts to the EU for Ukrainian players.
This might be the reason for the appearance of EU4

WarGaming,- Lesta Studio(St. Petersburg), announced that they are working on the possibility of transferring WG accounts from the RU cluster to the EU server. However, as of today, there are no details and conditions for the transfer.

Recall that the WG account is a single account for several games at once.

“Recently, players from the territory of Ukraine have received a large number of complaints about technical problems: the inability to enter the game, unstable connection and crashes. Difficulties are caused by the limitations of providers that directly affect the quality of Internet traffic.

We are currently working on the possibility of transferring an account to a European server for players who are affected by the described problems. This is a complex process, so we need time to provide a solution that will secure accounts and player progress.

We will share more details with you next week.”

34 thoughts on “Rumours about EU server transfer for Ukrainian people

  1. How interesting. WG is not affiliated to Lesta in any way. (Lesta operates WoT in the CIS region). Yet WG and Lesta is going to transfer customers between each other.

    1. Lesta operates the RU server with a license from WG, just like Kongzhong does with the China server.

  2. On one hand, I hope WG will allow account transfers for those Ukrainian players who wish to move away from the RU server.

    On the other, I don’t look forward to the racism that will inevitably crop up on EU as a result of these transfers.

    1. LOOOL
      YEAH BECAUSE WOT DOESN’T EVER HAD THAT RACISN BEFORE! No sir! All so nice and friendly here…

      1. I never said racism wasn’t there, I’ve played WoT long enough to remember when Jews and Polish people were prime targets for slurs in all chat.

  3. Since when is copy and paste a complicated process?
    Do they work with windows 3.1?

    A company needs a unified structure.
    Tss don’t tell me this breaks a law or whatever

    1. It’s not exactly copy paste, RU region has some different tanks/skins, maybe different customization items, you need to decide what happens to the nickname (in case it’s already taken), you’ve also got friends lists, maybe a clan, and so on. There’s a lot of things that need to be considered.

      1. Believe, easier than you think. Obviously not having your contact list transferred or unique skins

    2. For years NA players wanted to go to EU and the other way.
      But oh no it’s too complicated and too much resource.
      Then they banned it
      All bullshit.

  4. I hope not, nowadays is hard to understand players trying to write english, and i can’t imagine someone writing in cyrillic alphabet ingame. That is completly out of option on so many levels.

    1. On the the NA server I see chat messages several times a week in Cyrillic. Mostly it’s platoon mates talking to each other.

      1. English is the first most used international language, you no-brain troll! English is more used than French, German or Russian, for Christ’s sake! You have to communicate somehow with your allies and, love it or not, English is most straightforward one!

    2. EU already has Bulgarian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Macedonian players whose languages use Cyrillic script.

    3. The difference is that russian naci too lazy to learn any other language and we Ukrainians know English quiet enough to express our thoughts even not in game. So if you’re afraid of Cyrillic don’t worry, you will not see it,

  5. I heard on the forums, on the General Chat and on Reddit that the move of WoT to Lesta Studio is actually a plan from the Kremlin to steal data from the EU customers and enterprises making it pass as some “WG Account data revision protocols”.

    It doesn’t sound so paranoid when you do a basic search and discover that the 10% of the stocks of Lesta Studio belong to the Kremlin (4% goes to Compucorp Computer Services, a suposed Lithuanian computer company with their HQ in Novosibirsk and a company building in Moscow, another 4% goes to Sirpeska Telecom, a subsidiary company of the also Kremlin-controlled russian internet provider Rostelecom with their HQ in Kazan and 2 buildings in Moscow, and the last 2% goes to Dipshkin Software, a russian company with their HQ in Moscow and which CEO, Dimitri Dipshkin, being a close friend of the Kremlin staff).

    So my bet is that this move is a covert plan to steal numerous quantities of data from EU customers, companies and enterprises so Russia can get an advantadge against the massive sanctions they are getting.

    1. Probably putting the cart before the horse there. WG devolving its properties to Lesta is about cutting loses and protecting WG. Moscow exploiting Lesta in such a way is not outside of the range of possibilities. As for Ukraine getting an EU server, well, last time I noticed Kyiv is on a fast track to join the EU as early as this coming June.

  6. of course
    come to EU, eu gives you food, shelder while EU’s people are suffering of negligence and ignoration, why not, its free

    1. Looks like someone took naps during English classes at school… but yeah, blame everything on war refugees.

  7. The announcement on lesta studio was bullshit and not even important. Prior saying servers would be shut down etc again bullshit.
    Why any Ukraine players want to come to eu? I think they more important things to worry about. Like they will be taped, gassed or killed by russian rashists is more important

  8. Because if you are a player in Ukraine your main concern is playing World of Tanks. Sounds legit. For fucks sake, is anybody at all still thinking?
    Also, the players have received complaints about how shitty the game is? Who complained to the players? Russian troops getting their tanks penned by farmers with tractors?

    1. I doubt it sunshine.
      So called red army have been fcked.
      Outdated equipment, outplayed troops, and in constant retreat.
      Seems like they are noob 43% players in real life lmao

      1. XDD Keep enjoying the garbage western propaganda till you can, buddy! The Russian troops are successful 90-95% and the ukrainians will soon become forgotten history, thankfully! Wait to see it! Also, no good reason to send the real good stuff there – it is keeped for the nato invaders!

        When The Russian Federation is done with ukraine, I DO hope the rromania and poland (russophobic landfill sites) come next! After that, the rest of the west! It’s time they taught a lesson! :*

        1. Good luck with that.
          The whole world shit on russian liberty.
          People don’t live forever.
          And Putin will die soon

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