K-2 and ShPTK-TVP 100 Changes

As of the third iteration of the 1.16.1 Common Test, two tanks previously seen on supertest are finalized and ready for release.

tier VIII K-2

• Removed tank tags: “Secret” and “Tested”
• Tank value in gold set to 10,500

tier VIII ShPTK-TVP 100

• Removed tank tags: “Secret” and “Tested”
• Tank value in gold set to 9,200

19 thoughts on “K-2 and ShPTK-TVP 100 Changes

  1. Only dumb russki cocksuckers play russki shitttanks nowadays. Fuck Russia and all russians. Slava Ukraini

  2. I really hope K-2 will be either sold as is, or at worst a standard marathon tank. I don’t care how bad the gun is, I can’t wait to troll the gold idiots with its ridiculous armor.

    1. Until you realize everyone can overmatch its roof with AP then you will feel a whole world of hurt with its mobility and firepower.
      A trash & toxic tank at the same time, nothing more.
      Btw, gold spamming in WoT has been going for half a decade already and there are still a lot of ppl who complain instead of adapting.
      Ironically, those “gold idiots” you mentioned are usually better players.

      1. I’m aware of the weak roof plating, doesn’t stop tanks like the IS-3 from being seriously annoying to dislodge from hulldown position. I expect K-2 to be the same.

        And take your gold ammo apology somewhere else. I don’t know of another videogame, single player or multiplayer, that uses such a bullshit mechanic and, worse still, balances itself around it. If I’m in a tank with strong armor in a good position I want that to count, not for the next WN8 cuckhold to pay the cheat fee and kill me anyway. Better players my arse, gold spammers are just lazy clowns who get their fix out of WN8.

          1. K-2’s job is to train crews and make credits, it does not need to be exciting to play as long as it performs competently. You are correct in saying it’s “just another good armored Soviet heavy”, it’s the closest to the IS-6 we’ve had in years.

            1. Yep armour is similar to IS-6 that is also similar to IS-4, i prefer that type of armor than the IS-7 format. At least in this one sidescrapping is an option

              1. i prefer that type of armor than the IS-7 format

                This is also why I would rather buy K-2 over Object 259a. I’m sure the latter will be liked more by good players because of its mobility, but when I queue in a heavy tank I want to be able to withstand incoming shots, if I wanted speed I would play a medium.

  3. I want it in Ukraine colours to kill shitty Russian players.
    Oh wait, there is no Russian servers anymore hshaha

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