WoT EU: News & Promotions in April

Important game events in April:

(Dates with question marks are uncertain at this time.)
April 7 – Third iteration of the 1.16.1 Common Test
?April 12? – “Happy Cosmonautics Day!”
– Patch 1.16.1 release
?Second half of April?
– Art of Strategy mode (formerly “Order of War”).
– Start of Season 18 on the Global Map.
April 23 – “Tiger Day”

Weekend promotions:
[April 8 – April 12] – “Happy Birthday, WoT!”
[April 15 โ€“ 18]
– “Eggstravaganza”
[April 22 โ€“ 25]
– “Crew Is Crucial”
[April 29 โ€“ May 2] – “XP Fever”, “WoT7 Tournament Finals”


6 thoughts on “WoT EU: News & Promotions in April

  1. I’m starting to wonder if WG has really given up on Crew 2.0…there was supposed to be a sandbox at the end of February.

    1. CCs have been pretty clear in explaining how sCrew 2.0 is a terrible idea as it would make some tanks way too overpowered. It won’t stop WG from trying again and eventually claim “70-80% of the playerbase wants this”, Russian propaganda style.

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