Wargaming announces decision to leave Russia and Belarus

Sources: Stockwatch, Wargaming.com

Over the past weeks, Wargaming has been conducting a strategic review of business operations worldwide.ย The company has decided it will not own or operate any businesses in Russia and Belarus and will leave both countries.

Effective March 31 the company transferred its live games business in Russia and Belarus to local management of Lesta Studio that is no longer affiliated with Wargaming. The company will not profit from this process either today or going forward. Much to the contrary we expect to suffer substantial losses as a direct result of this decision.

We will be completing the operational transition with all due speed while remaining in full compliance with all laws and ensuring the ongoing safety and support of our employees. During the transition period the live products will remain available in Russia and Belarus and will be operated by the new owner.

Wargaming has also started the process of closing its studio in Minsk, Belarus.

We will be providing as much severance and support as possible to our employees affected by the change.

Despite the magnitude of this decision, we as a company are confident in the future of our business and are committed to delivering quality games to our players.

33 thoughts on “Wargaming announces decision to leave Russia and Belarus

  1. I hope that they will soon go bankrupt, start using drugs and end up in jail as gay prostitutes.

  2. I figured that they had to do something like this but this is really cutting to the chase…WG really is an EU company now.

  3. sounds like nerf coming for ruski tanks yes! I stopped playing high tiers because of them, well tbh id still play tier 4 and 5 mostly its much better to play with real ww2 tanks such as pz4,stug,sherman etc

      1. Object 279e is OP, I don’t think that can be argued. Same for Object 907 with its combination of DPM, mobility and that crazy ass armor profile which is arguably the best among all medium tanks in the game (next best is T-22sr which surprise is also Russian).

  4. This is the worrst move they can do. They risk their biggest server function for nothing and risk that this game will probably die soon. They make managment moves just like they do it in games with balancing, stupid like monkeys.

    1. The Russian server is probably a large chunk of their free to play users, plus their currency is worthless now, and the Russian gov. was clamping down on them in the last year. So this is probably the only move that makes sense for them going forward.

  5. These players hate WG so much but still play their game, how ironic =))))
    I guess some people simply have no interest in learning/studying what is really going around us and just want to flame the hell out of everything.
    Oh boiz how smart they are xD

  6. This game is Russian led. All developers are Russian. So now they still have to use EU developers so the game will be much betterer!

    1. You sure? In WoT Devs do not have much say in how the game is running (balancing for example), they only do whatever their superior order. As long as the decision makers doesn’t change, it is still sh!t.

      1. The wg developers is outsourced to Philippines like every company.
        They don’t even have electricity in their shacks half the time.

    1. Exactly.

      Fake company without Intellectual Properties is just to fool idiot clients. The only real effect of this is to change the logo to save the WG brand in the eyes of the milk cows (western players). The only reason to for this is to keep milking western bots. No real ethic or greater moral purposes. Zero. Normal russian masking shit.

      Please all players, DO NOT USE REAL MONEY TO THIS SHIT.

      Slava Ukraini !

  7. So what will happen to wot ?? Is wargaming still running it or this new company they dont really say .

  8. Given the reactions and support for the war by the majority of Russians, and the fact that Wargaming already dismissed SerB for his support, they have displayed consistency and should be commended. My only hope is that they are now more receptive to Eu and NA players and their concerns.

  9. I think this might be the moment when they come to realise that the EU server is their biggest earner and maybe now they can concentrate on releasing new lines that aren’t russian. Spain, Isreal, Italian Tds, Jap Tds, maybe even a joint south american tech tree. A lot of options they’ve always ignored til now.

    1. Who wants new lines?
      They need to the crap they have now not adding more shit to the pile

  10. And with this WoT will be abandoned and closed pretty soon. Horrible game killed by gold ammo cheating

    Meanwhile WoWs are are the main game for them for quite some time. And so much better than WoT

  11. The russians are the most filthy nation in the world. They still act like medieval peasants and they will always be afraid of the west! All tyeir culture comes from suffering and blood! Better without culture and without kgb, stazy, securitate and fucking mentaly ill dictators that act like in <>. If the pugatory will ever exist, I don;’t think that will be harder to endure then whar russian sub humans did to other natios! They should be isolated like north korea and let them create their own ecosystem without having the possibility to get out of their borders.

    1. Yes please!
      Their prime minister has said they will not stop at Ukraine they want all of Europe to Portugal to be under russian tyranny.
      I can’t see that happening as they cannot even get pissant Ukraine.
      All russian might was a lie.
      Like WOT all fake

    2. F u, ukraine, its supporters and all the russophobic retards! Take it deep, western troll! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Slava Putin and The Russian Federation, you western c*nts!

  12. Dear players now is the time when you could get back at WG for all of the year of mismanagement,unbalanced games and tanks,powercreep,ruined game modes,gold shells destroying whole lines,WG destroying whole lines of tanks,making most tank lines redundant,Arty,sheer incompetence and money greed while holding to their Soviet biases and legacy.While undermining and nerfing any western tank there is as soon it gets good.Not even mentioning German tanks which are just always underpowered or nerfed quickly when any good or never meta and played much.

    You can get back at them now,while WG is very much vulnerable and weak.By simply voting with your wallet.Boycotting their core income and spreading what they done to the game.And how many players they drove off.If you love this game as much as i do then we make sure it gets better management and leadership by bleeding WG dry and making them go bankrupt.

    It’s time gaming studios respect their customers or gtfo from the EU.Salute.
    This comment got me banned from EU WoT forum for 30 days.
    This is how WG are endangered,that they ban and delete topics that don’t suit their narrative.
    Guys be smart,boycott WG.

  13. I have removed some posts for being true. Please stick to the form rules or you will be banned.

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