Lost in The Past: WT E 100

This article is about the WT auf E-100…again

Released on November 5th, 2013, in the version of 0.8.9The main update content was the second German TD branch. And the map “Northwest” that everyone has forgotten.

Before this version, players have been using the French autoloader beasts, whether it was the Tier X Bat-Chatillon 25t, Foch 155 or any other autoloaders, but with the appearance of the new Tier X German TD it overshadowed them all.

The original ‘WT: 2200 HP, E-100 hull and 420m view range.

The current ‘WT in the game files is the “P version” that has been nerfed many times. In comparison the original ‘WTs hull is directly from the E-100.

The original WT had a choice of two guns:

The laser cannon with 6 round burst of 128mm shots, with a single shot of 560 damage and a clip potential of 3360. Short 2 seconds intraclip, Long reload of 60 seconds.


4 round burst of 150mm shots, single shot damage of 750, clip potential of 3000. Short 3 seconds intraclip, long reload of 50 seconds.

WG developers recommended the use of the 128mm gun for the public: “…the 128mm gun has better accuracy in the game, high penetration, and the intraclip is only two seconds. The 150mm gun is difficult to operate and requires Using gold ammo, it is suitable for experienced players, and it is also suitable for playing in alliance battles and team formations.”

The WT E-100 was an extreme tank, so extreme that everyone who has played with it will never forget it. Destroying a tier 10 heavy tank from full health is unparalleled in a single clip. Being chased and running around during a 60-second reload is also rare. The tall and fragile turret could be easily hit by HE with high damage, but watching the enemy evaporate by clicking the mouse continuously was unique.

Es war einmal in WoT: Waffenträger auf E 100 [World of Tanks Deutsch]Es war einmal in WoT: Waffenträger auf E 100 [World of Tanks Deutsch]

Weakened and Fallen

WG realized that they have made a monster – because even compared to the FV215b(183) which had a HESH penetration of 275mm and could kill a tier10 tank with one shot the WT E-100 was still otherworldly.
So it got nerfed severally:

0.8.11 version cut the HP to 2000, traverse speed of the tank’s body and turret were both decreased, and the gun-dispersion of the 128mm and 150mm gun were nerfed by 212% and 75% respectively.

In version 0.9.2 the gun handling got nerfed again, and changed the six drum 128mm gun to five.

Version 0.9.6 reduced the view range from 420 meters to 380 meters.

Version 0.9.15 removed the WT E 100 directly from the game and replaced it with the Grille 15.

Powerless to Complain

The issue of the Grille 15 replacement is an other story. In 2017(version 0.9.20), CN WoT sold the ‘WT – The price was 1688 yuan which is roughly 265$, even the discounted price was as high as 1288 yuan, 200$.

This is not even the original WT E-100, but a WT E-100 (P), whose stats has been revised again. It is quite different from its peak combat effectiveness, but the five-shot 128mm gun still let a lot of players fall for it.

A Confusing Future

WT became a premium tank

The WT E-100 (P) can still be driven and played on the new CN360 servers, and it had actually became a premium tank…

WTs gameplay experience was already very poor – at that time, the Type 5 Heavy, FV4005 and 268v4 were in full swing.
The current map designs makes the ‘WT unplayable:

Can’t hide it at all, as soon as the cannon is fired, it becomes the focus target.

Around EBRs, it’s perma spotted.

3 artys per game, almost equal to death.

“The Last Waffenträger”

WG didn’t forget about the ‘WT, they made events in 2020 and 2021 featuring it.

Unexpected Return

In the beginning of the year WG announced a short time “Auction” event which contained the WT E 100 (P) with a special camo, unfortunately it was again a CN server exclusive.

It is still unclear what WG plans with this tank but for sure they are going to milk it as much as they can.

The Waffenträger: Legacy

In 2022 a very unlikely return happened. It was possible to get rental battles to play the legendary WT auf E 100; it reappeared in randoms in a nerfed form with the changes received from patch to patch back in 2014-2017.




The chances to get this tank permanently in the future are getting bigger.
But until a proper ending of the “Return of the Waffenträger” event it won’t happen.

2 thoughts on “Lost in The Past: WT E 100

  1. I had it and played it ~ however its Camo rating was awful seen easily as its Big! and it needed that 420m view range to stay out of sight, once spotted it lost 50% hit points quickly or back to Garage it was fun when you managed (if) to unload a full clip and kill any Tank ~ however that was rare mostly 2 or 3 shots then hide quick, that 1 min reload was ok back then as turbo 4min battles not yet invented by clever lies MM from WG and Maps were better had far more bushes & Trees to hide or escape

  2. the problem back then (and also nowadays) was more the clip potential and the hard consequence if somenone tried to move at the shooting field of the waitung TDs. two of those monsters were nearly sure ticket to the garage, resulting in extreme campy gameplay. same as today if no arty is in the game.

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