5 thoughts on “WoT: More Pictures of The Upcoming 2D Styles

  1. I know many find them controversial, but the Military Colors and Labor Day styles would look pretty awesome on Soviet and Chinese tank that lack a style and will never get one e.g. the T-62A.

  2. The map one is good but the rest are pretty terrible. Maybe the least naff of the rest is the Russian one, but will that even get onto EU server as its got an hammer and sickle on it and thats banned in a lot of places.

    1. If WG cared about the hammer and sickle thing we would not have the Defender or the Guard, so that’s not really an issue.

      1. Ahh fair point on the Defender. Does the Guard even have that emblem though? It has some patriotic guff on it but cant recall the Hammer and Sickle . Even though I own one.

  3. imagine having the hammer and sickle and not having the swastika , it’s not like both represent the same shit

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