9 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.16.1 New 2D Styles

  1. Battle Banner includes a Hammer and Sickle, Russian elements of the USSR flag. How apropiate, adding Communist symbols when Ukraine is still invaded. We should all boycott WG for that racist and offensive 2D style.

    1. What is the problem ? Russia is no longer communist. We must stop boycotting everything related to Russia. are we going to delete his story too?

      1. And Germany is no longer under Nazi rule. So let’s not erase the history and add all the Nazi symbols too.
        To many nations Soviet rule was more brutal than that of Nazi Germany. Banning one fascist regime while at the same time glorifying the other is a textbook example of rewriting history, which is very popular in Russia right now.

        1. We’re not Putin’s minions here, and I hope we are old enough to have the common sense not to use stereotypes like “all Russians are Communists”, “all Germans are Nazis”, and so on.

          The Soviet style is fine, the only one that’s a bit controversial is the Chinese one which looks like a propaganda poster from the days of Mao Zedong.

  2. Lovely how those experts in politics fight it out on a (for the conflict) 100% meaningless site.

    Btw the skins are nice

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