WoT: CT 1.16.1 Obj. 780 Changed Stats

Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.18 0.17
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.18 0.17
Accuracy at 100m: 0.36 0.35
Hull traverse speed: 31,29°/s 35.46 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 26,07°/s 31.29 °/s
View range: 400m 410m

8 thoughts on “WoT: CT 1.16.1 Obj. 780 Changed Stats

  1. Heaven forbid these companies make Russian tanks that are comparable or worse than their Western counterparts, especially if they’re going to be rewards (calling it, Object 780 will be the next clanwar gift to the purple clowns).

    When I see this crap I’m reminded of the difference between the T-90MS and the BM Oplot in Armored Warfare – the former is much better than the latter, because the former is Russian.

  2. just like how the IS-7 gets twice the gundepression it actually had or like the T100LT and LT-432 somehow both have equally or better gun dep then a tank such as the LTTB which has a bigger turret for it’s 85mm

    1. Yes, the IS-7 gets twice the gun depression, but so do a lot of tanks in this game. However, it gets worse mobility and penetration. It also gets a slightly worse rate-of-fire, which is odd considering that most tanks in the game have a much higher RoF than they could actual get.

  3. russian vehicle gets slight stat changes that won’t make the tank any better at all

    fucking 85% of the wot community “oP rUsSIan bIAs”

    News flash for anyone that can’t look up the tanks stats in tanks.gg or the tank in game using the comparison tool, it’s got average at best stats and a pretty miserable armor profile for 2022 wot, so if you wanna go complain about something being broken go complain about the sconq or the kran or whatever.

  4. Does not seems like a super good tank but like a super cancer one. Like the 777 or the 257.
    In this case taller tanks should shoot the upper plate in close combat and pen it (Maus, E100, etc)
    Mediums will have problem with this one if they dont flank it.
    Fast heavies will have the most problem dealing with it.
    Meh, it will be a more balance tank than the Chieftain or the 279 since his pen with APCR is also bad

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