CT 1.16.1: Test the New Vehicle Outlining

In Update 1.16.1, we’ll add several new features to the aiming interface. We’re introducing the rendering of various obstacles that are inside the vehicle outline, as well as the outline of the vehicle collision model itself. Both aspects of this feature have their own nuances, so let’s dig into the details.

Test the New Vehicle OutliningTest the New Vehicle Outlining

Enabling these settings may cause performance issues, especially on low-spec PCs.

In order to participate in the test using the Wargaming.net Game Center, use this link.

  • The Wargaming.net Game Center will download all the additional data
  • Start playing

Rendering Obstacles Inside the Vehicle Collision Model

This improvement will be useful when aiming at enemy vehicles that are obstructed by bushes, fences, or other obstacles. When you see a vehicle in the crosshair, obstacles inside its collision model will be highlighted with two of the following types of special rendering, depending on whether the shell can penetrate them or not:

  • Texture (for penetrable obstacles with loss of armor penetration). This type of rendering is applicable to fences and other small obstacles and will only work for AP, APCR, and HE shells because they penetrate some obstacles but lose armor penetration. HEAT shells don’t penetrate such objects.
  • Fill (for impenetrable obstacles). This second type of rendering will be used for houses, stones, terrain elements, and destroyed vehicles.

If a vehicle is obstructed by two obstacles at once, one of which is penetrable while the other behind it is impenetrable, then priority will be given to impenetrable obstacles. This means that you will see Fill in the area where they intersect.

When moving the crosshair away from impenetrable obstacles, their rendering inside the collision model (Fill) will not disappear immediately but will fade away with a slight delay (about 0.33 seconds) so that you can clearly see which areas you will not be able to hit.

There are obstacles in the game (e.g., haystacks, wooden fences, etc.) that are destroyed only visually and do not interact with shells. Given this, such obstacles will not be Filled.

Vehicle Outlining by Collision Model

Currently, vehicle outlining highlights the entire visual vehicle model. This is not always convenient when aiming because some small vehicle elements (e.g., fenders, machine guns on the turret, etc.) are not included in the collision model. These elements do not interact with shells, which simply fly through them. With the introduction of new 3D styles with numerous decorative “through” elements (e.g., coiling, camouflage nets, etc.), these situations can become even more frustrating, especially in the heat of battle and for less experienced players.

To address this issue and make your gameplay experience more comfortable, we’ll improve vehicle outlining. Now the hull and turret of all vehicles will be highlighted by the collision model (i.e., the parts that can interact with the shell). The guns of some vehicles will also be included in the collision model. The suspension will still be outlined by the visual model for all vehicles in the game.


5 thoughts on “CT 1.16.1: Test the New Vehicle Outlining

  1. Much rather Test a new MM mechanic called Plus +1 / minus 1 MM
    then that old cartoon Tank game would be actually fun rather than be stat padding Farming for easy damage with +2 MM Tanks

    but WG then would have a hard time with “instant loading into battles” so as kids with 3 sec attention minds would get bored as they cannot die then load out then in to games, like 5 games to die load die in 5 fast mins memes

  2. Mmm, these are actually good changes. The shootable obstacles now being see-through kinda takes away the ability to hide some parts, but its not -that- big of a deal. Highlighted collision model will make skins more bearable. If only i could increase the contrast of the outline, but its still good enough.

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