CT 1.16.1 Battle Pass: Test an Additional Time-Limited Chapter

An additional time-limited Chapter of the seventh Season of Battle Pass is available for preliminary testing! This Chapter is not associated with Update 1.16.1 and features a special challenge. It will unlock toward the end of the Season around May.
The main test reward for this extra Chapter is the 122 TM (it’s not going to be the actual reward), a Tier VIII Chinese medium tank. This vehicle serves a purely technical role—when the additional Chapter hits the live servers, you will receive a brand-new mystery Premium vehicle as your main reward instead. It will be available in the Base Rewards Track.

During the Common Test, we only test Chapter mechanics. The progression system, number of Stages, values, and various characteristics are subject to change after their release. All rewards listed in the game client are not final and will not correspond to those in the final version of the Chapter.

The Chapter will have a single progression system but two Reward Tracks: Base Rewards and Improved Rewards. You need to manually select this Chapter and confirm it to start earning rewards for your progress. Fight in Random Battles in Tier VI–X vehicles to earn Battle Pass Progression Points according to the standard rules and advance through the progression. You can also earn Points for completing Daily Missions with vehicles of any tier.

  1. You cannot invest Progression Points previously earned in Battle Pass into your progress in this time-limited Chapter.
  2. The increased Point Limit for Battle Pass Core Vehicles also applies to this additional Chapter.
  3. Each vehicle in this Chapter will still have a Point Limit. You will be rewarded with additional Battle Pass Points when the Limit for a vehicle has been reached, even if you started filling the Limit before the start of this Chapter.

Each Stage completed in the Base Rewards Track will bring you useful prizes. But the main reward is a brand-new mystery Tier VIII Premium vehicle that you will grab when you complete all Stages of this Track.

Want to get your hands on even more rewards? Purchase the Improved Pass for this additional Chapter to unlock the Improved Rewards Track. After that, you will receive all Improved Rewards for the Stages you have already completed in the first Track, as well as a stunning 3D style for the main prize, a top-secret Tier VIII vehicle.

If you decide to purchase the main prize, a brand-new Tier VIII Premium vehicle, its final cost will depend on the number of completed Stages of the time-limited Chapter. The more Stages you complete, the lower the price will be. To purchase Stages, you will need to get an Improved Pass for this Chapter. After that, you can buy as many Stages as you want.

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    1. smells like May’s end

      impossible for a mortal to compete more than 60% sale with which it will cost you normal tier eight premium tank prize…. correct

  1. So they implement a tank marathon as a “chapter” to battle pass. Figures they would do that.

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