The Improved XP Fever Is Coming for Every Tank

Instead of missions focused on Premium vehicles, the latest version of this special can be completed with any vehicle of Tier IV or higher in your collection. Use heaps of XP to speed up your progress, unlock new modules, or train your crew. Additionally, you can use a better XP to Free XP conversion rate and get a discount on Garage slots and customizations.

Available from March 25 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) through March 28 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Use the better rate for converting XP to Free XP for gold (1gold = 25 35exp) to unlock modules or standard vehicles with a discount!

XP Fever Missions:


Great gold discounts are also available for Garage slots and customization items.

  • 50% gold discount on Garage slots

  • 50% gold discount on customizations

3 thoughts on “The Improved XP Fever Is Coming for Every Tank

  1. Hmm win 10 battles lmao so that’s play 25 and hope within top 10 in xp … Just to get an extra 5000 xp.
    Not worth the stress.

  2. dont forget becoming top ten is nessecary with grinding a standard tank like amx 65 vs t 10 or bunch of only prem t 8 battles

    Good luck managing that

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