WoT: Mysterious Concept Arts

Are concepts for a new map in World of Tanks being developed?
A Senior 3D Concept Artist has released a batch of interesting scenes showing some very unusual maps. (1., 2.)
The screenshots were shared on the 7th of February on WOT Express without further information.

Most likely, we are not talking about a map for Random Battles.
It might be made for a special game mode because it seems too large for a random map.

Or it might be a location for their new game called Shatterline?

29 thoughts on “WoT: Mysterious Concept Arts

    1. at first i didn’t think too much about it. but after looking at your link and the bell closer i noticed that symbol looks awfully close to the Black Sun. hmmmm…

        1. Fair point. im just surprised they would go anywhere near nazi ideology in any form. considering current events i wouldn’t doubt if they get rid of any questionable logo or symbol entirely.

  1. Reminds me of Die Glocke and CoD Nazi Zombies from World at War.
    But definitely a strange timing to have this while black sun logos and other nazi stuff are prevalent and controversial in the current communist nazi vs communist nazi conflict.

    1. That’s definitely Die Glocke chained to a concrete frame that the conspiracy theorists call “the Henge.”

      The Black Sun is because World of Tanks will never include a swastika logo, so they went with something more obscure.

        1. I can’t believe I’m reading a Kara no Kyoukai joke on TAP, it restores some faith in the WoT community.

          1. Well, it wasn’t just Kara no Kyoukai.
            Its a recurring place and character in Type/Moon.
            Also, haven’t seen many Type/Moon things, but Kara no Kyoukai was so far the best imo. Which is kinda ironic since it was the first project…

            Joke works well since Ahnenerbe was an actual nazi project that had… strange ideas. And was probably also used as a basis for the antagonists in Indiana Jones.

    2. “Communist nazi” what a stupid individual. The two ideologies are diametrically opposed.

        1. My fauxpas if anything me or anyone wrote offended you. We Please tell us more about your social science study experience.

  2. new maps are good when u already asked for them years ago
    wargay ming should learn that when people ask its already to late for this joke of a game

  3. New maps? No. Because all new maps are symmetrical corridors that are NEVER released into game.
    The maps above look like what is left of Kiev after communist Russia nuke it

  4. It’s not a bell. It’s the allegedly “v-waffe” from the Nazi. A flying saucer, and the round building was the test site for it.

  5. They teased with a “PVE” dossier on the Xmax video, so probably an even game mode or a permenant game mode like randoms. I hope it is the latter.

    1. I feel like a pve mode with some story would be amazing in wot. Pubs and competitive might be aids, but the game def has good potential for fun single player and co-op stuff.

      1. Have gave up playing randoms. Only look for frontline. That never comes.
        Stupid game to have only one game mode – randoms.
        It’s too late to intro pve as mm will be broken if people go to pve. But nobody will go pve unless good rewards. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. Pictures 2, 7 and 10 have been modified. All three have obvious areas of the sky altered (crudely). Wondering what they aren’t showing us.

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