Supertest: 🇺🇸 TS-54 Detailed Overview

Since the TS-54 is with double-barrel mechanics, let’s select all the firing modes separately:
• Gun loading: (1/2): 8.15/8.15 sec.
• Reload (full reload / intraclip / number of shells): 16.30 / 3 sec. / 2
• Salvo shot preparation time: 2.50 sec.
• Intraclip time: 3 sec.
• Block time of the reloading guns after a Salvo: 6 sec.
• Salvo recoil force: 200

Other gun characteristics:
• Average damage: 280
• Average armor penetration with AP shell: 200
• Average armor penetration with APCR: 252
• Average armor penetration with HE shell: 47
• Turret traverse speed: 34.42
• Elevation angles: -8/20
• Aiming time: 3.36
• Dispersion at 100 m: 0.42
• Average damage per minute: 2,061
• AP projectile shell velocity: 878 m/s
• APCR projectile shell velocity : 1,098 m/s
• HE projectile shell velocity: 878 m/s

* One of the projects of a heavy tank, presented to the commission of the Aberdeen Proving Ground in 1954. The machine with a classic layout had a twin two-gun mount in a massive turret with a developed aft niche. Both American and British guns were offered as main armament. The project turned out to be too bold, and the effectiveness and practical justification of such weapons raised serious doubts. They refused to consider the concept, not a single copy was built.

Crew of 5 people:
Commander (Radio Operator);
Driver mechanic;
Role in combat: Heavy breakthrough tank.
Special category Equipment: Survivability.

21 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇺🇸 TS-54 Detailed Overview

    1. Cry me a river about “HISTORICAL ACCURATE in wot (or any GAME for that matter

      I remember how the crews back than just took a patch and the bullet wounds healed and germany army never broke down cause they had repair kits fix it instantly

      and in counter strike people dont fall to the ground cause thats how you react when SHOT
      oh and Zeldas sword is dull as fuck, which is why it doesn’t cut enemies but wound em…

      Moronic argument.
      Could go all day showing how small minded you are

      If its fun WHO CARES….
      not once in my 37k games -NOT ONCE someone was like “OH look that fake tank! dont want to play with/against that! im out!”

      not…….. ONCE
      because people, other than pretentious trolls, dont give a damn

      Had to get that one out at least once. Usually i ignore trolls, dont feed em, but this is stupid++

      ps. I get this tank on both accounts, JUST because I can!

      1. This, fully agree.

        What I dislike is when WG nerfs stuff citing “historicaly accuracy” (the big nerf to German engines that happened years ago is a big case of that). World of Tanks is an arcade game, as long as stuff is properly or at least somewhat balanced we’re good to go (which is true for most tanks despite common belief of the contrary).

      2. no brain in this one 😀 simply cos you blind doesnt mean people are not drowning at any point of battle just because they are frustrated meeting OP tanks…or just seeing them in lineup

  1. They must have a pocket dimension inside those turrets, only way to explain the gun depression (applies to most tanks in this game).

  2. so lemme get this straight…. it’s the 90mm from the T69 but with a bit more alpha, pen and somehow the same gunstats and worse lockout time after salvo fire then the 703v2 that mounts 2x 122mm…… WG logic again

  3. Idk why they came up with a fake tank and gave it the same designation that was used for 120mm tank gun designs (such as the ts-5 and the t110 vehicles which are all incorrectly named, have the wrong gun, or in the case of the E4 are just plain made up) when there was already a design for an American tank that used dual 105 guns.

    Granted it was rocket guns with supposed insane RoF for 105s, but wg could easily switch the rocket guns for conventional 105s and do their Belarusian magic so it can have balanced stats.

    1. it is probably fake but we cannot know for sure because in reality the Ordnance Department did consider doble-barreled tanks

      I’ve never even heard of an author that covered ALL of the concepts presented during those Question Mark Conferences from the 1950’s, Hunnicutt, for example, covers:
      H1 to H3 (heavy tanks)
      M-1 to M-7 (medium tanks)
      L-1 to L-7 (light tanks)

      then the nomenclature changed and we have:

      TS – tracked, short term development
      TL – tracked, long term development

      which were used for all 3 types (light, heavy and medium) but were not sequential, for example the
      TS-31 led to the T110 while the TS-32 was a light tank concept, the TL-1 led to the T95 medium tank while the TL-10 was a light tank

      then we have the TV and R nomenclature concepts

      many of the missing numbers will probably be related to QMC II which was focused on artillery, but we know the TS-31 was not the last concept for a heavy tank, after all the TV-1 had 14 inches of frontal armor, and we also know the Ordnance Department did “experiment” with the idea of double-barreled tanks

  4. It’s almost like a t8 tech tree tank. As with the early stage t9 premium tanks on sale now, I don’t mind the wg’s stance to check the power creep. But if wg wants to make a profit from these tanks, it will need incentives like 3d style.

  5. ”Consider stopping with your funding of WG,Because of an event of ever spreading wide sanctions imposed by the civilized world.You may end up losing your invested money as well as acces to your account.If WG is barred of operating on EU and NA servers.”

    This is what i wrote on the WoT forums and they deleted my thread promptly.That being said i don’t think WG and their way of conducting business and policies belong in the civilised world.

    1. If you’re stupid enough to think a private Belorussian company has anything to do with the actions of a government, you deserve to lose your account. Yeah, because banning the free market, and stopping regular people will change anything. Where were you when America, the UK, and the rest of the EU, were raping and pillaging Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Yemen? Save us from your room temp IQ takes.

      1. You are just another 46% player who doesn’t understand anything.
        I’m surprised you can even get out of bed on your own.
        Leave the thinking to the rest of us as you clearly only have one brain cell, the power of which is taken up by your all day wanking into a sock

    2. Where was your boycotts and outrage for Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan or the myriad of other countries utterly destroyed by US and NATO aggression?
      Piss off with your stupid double standards, all of those had even less legitimacy than the current conflict in Ukraine.
      Of course, the situation there is terrible and a tragedy, unlike anything we have seen in Europe for a very long time.
      You are not immune to propaganda, and Russia isn’t the only country using it, open your damn eyes.

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