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    1. I got banned for 7 days for saying ”Glory to Ukraine and For freedom” in general chat.This company needs to go back to it’s shithole Belarus.Their policies,rules and money laundering and greed doesn’t belong un Europe,so stand with free speech and democracy and stop funding those commie bastards.Regards.

  1. Corrupted trash corporation , who supports the russian occupators in Ukraine. Boikot this garbage company.

        1. Yes my brother. Our Media channels are telling us the truth and never lie to us. It’s all a lie that they are a media cartel financed by the super rich to make profit out of war.
          I can’t wait till the put these damn Russian children into the gas chambers.
          Heil Hitler! Ops I mean Slava Ukraini! ( ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ノ

    1. Bullshit, Wargaming is not supporting this RU war, they even had to evacuate own devs from Ukraine… they are also not supporting Belarusian regime as they moved out from there after the rigged elections. So please shut up.

    2. Yes, wargaming clearly supports the shelling of their offices in Kyiv, along with the life-threatening situation for the 550 employees and their families who work(ed) there.

      1. Victor Kyisly i a Belarusian billioner who grows fat with dollars and euros,while spreading their vile corruption,money laundering and predatory money extracting schemes while also glorifying communist legacy.

  2. Ranked has gotten so static that I started running arty out of disgust…It’s actually working out pretty well for me!

  3. Having a Chieftain on each side is actually a good thing, this way both sides have a chance.

    Kranvagn however has become the new ebola. It is painfully obvious that those who planned the big HE nerf did not consider the ramifications of said nerf, and the complete silence of WG over the meta shift and the fact that some tanks got an unprecedented buff in survivability shows their lack of care for the game’s health – as long as clanwar and ranked thrive, everything else is expendable.

    As things are now, Kranvagn has become the new KV-1S and needs serious nerfs. Until then, I hope enough players will get fed up and take out their T92s and Conqueror Gun Carriers.

  4. Bring back 7.0 arty.. And balance will be returned.. As it should be.. Console wot still has it.. Its proof it works.. Return spgs back to normal.. And all tanks will be balanced..

    1. before buff Kran had 4 shells clip with 3 sec intra clip reload and 2.3k dpm what is now 3k dpm + there were no improved equipment, directives, the rest of the stats were the same. Just put it back to 2.3k dpm and we have balance again. If you have armor what happens to be the best armored turret on it, it has to have drawbacks, WG made a mistake and it needs fixing.

  5. The Kran population is really only because of BP and that will be with us for a couple more months. Chief population we all know why. Chiefs dont make potatoes green and dont do any for tomatos other than provide arty and high pen fodder.

    1. The Kran population is really only because of BP

      Is it now? I never understood why, after the HE nerfs, people did not elevate the Kranvagn as main meta tank in randoms and ranked (for all intents and purposes, it is to Tier 10 what the old KV-1S was to Tier 6). I see this trend of spamming it continuing well after the battlepass is over (same can be said for Emil II in Tier 9 by the way).

  6. You players got what you cried years for arty impenetrable heavies.
    It’s all your fault now you sad cnuts crying lmfao.

  7. Cried when arty had powerful HE at the cost of long reloads and bad accuracy so now it does nothing but annoy everyone with stun

    Cried that HE was too low-skill and “allows bad players to be effective while punishing good players”

    Now cries when the outcome of fixing their previous complaints means heavy tanks with no weakspots dominate the game

    The playerbase got what they asked for, but because they cant be fucked to think about the meaning of what they ask for they dont realize it until it’s too late. WG listened to the playerbase and thats what it does.

    1. That’s why I don’t play this shitty game.

      But I come here to laugh at 43% bots who cry about ….

      Mm, platoons, rng, op tanks, bonds, gold ammo, bad maps, bots, other 43% players, 3 minute games, twitch, no discounts, credits, premium time, random battles, ranked…….

    1. Or you could learn to aim.
      Spastics like you who used fire HE at everything now have to learn to play.

      1. For a fake tajj you sure play the part well, that retard would agree with you. 🙂

        Also, classic “learn to play learn to aim” BS argument that has nothing behind it and is the gospel of the gold spamming pricks who backed the HE nerf the most, because “how dare you sub-60%er damage me when I’m hulldown with no weakspots to hit”, I bet you report arty when they click you?

        The HE haters would get along very well with the CV haters in World of Warships. Bunch of dogs.

  8. This game is so freaking rigged that you would’t believe it if you could see it ! The answer hides is in the database and the behavior of the algorithms based on it. Not the other way around. The key is the variables in database.

    In the database every player is categorized by different customer parameters (which do also including the money used to game as one variant). Like in the normal business they use CRM to maximize gain from customers. Almost all customers are categorized in couple of dozen classes, but some customers are hand-picked for good and worse. For example “Troublemakes” get really bad hit rate (just to show that they cannot even aim but cannot proof it that it is not because of their skill but the variables) and “Stars” who are connected and have well socially networked to this game and use money (would you spend time in this game and recommend to your friends if you winrate is poor and cannot hit a shit).

    Issues like hit rate depends totally on rating ratio of you and your target variables, not random. As you have maybe noted, all players have their own personal data in database including target hit ratio (probability multiplier), target win rate (yes, your winrate is customer based adjusted by different variables), change to get hitted critical (depends on the variables of the shooter), …

    Funny thing is that you cannot proof a thing because the variants are not fixed. They are target values approached in multiple shots and battles. Like in mathematics the curves which never reach the target but in selected sample size the actual value approach the target value (which is set in database as target variant for every customer). Some variants are changed daily bases in daily boot of servers and some variants are reviewed session based and some values in database are changed if the target values are reached (you are performing better than your class / you are getting fucked, you are performing worse than your preset target values then your battle variants are changed a bit to prevent your getting pissed off to this game a leave). The target is to keep you playing. They know what is your limit to quit playing. Pure mathematics and statistical analytics.

    To your hit rate and win rate and others greatly influence your “skills” (which actually is a ratio between your opponent variables and yours). Random is not really random (only which critical hit you take).

    For example; They want you to play (=spend) more and therefore the less you play the easier is to hit the enemy and probability of critical hit and vice versa. But that is only one of many other artificial parameters which certainly is not random.

    There is a reason why “Russian bias” is used in this game. And it is not to shorten the length of the battle time.

    Been there, seen that. Hope brothers are safe. Slava Ukraini !

  9. Yes my brother! Force the Russian childrens back into their cellars and build some gas chambers for them.

    Heil Hitler! Ops I mean Slave Ukraini!

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