WoT: March 12 Micropatch

According to WoT Express, tomorrow morning, March 12, a small update will be released. Game servers and the clan portal will be unavailable from 05:00 CET till 05:45 CET.

• Maps “Kharkov” and “Minsk” will be excluded from Random and Team Training battles, as well as from the “Topography” mode and tournament games.

28 thoughts on “WoT: March 12 Micropatch

    1. How so? They’re obviously removing the maps for the time being due to current events and they likely got a bunch of complaints. It’s not a political statement.

  1. I could understand why they want to remove Kharkov, as it’s currently under siege by russian orcs in the real life, by why Minsk?

    1. Yes, Kharkiv is under siege.
      And Minsk probably due to current politics.

      Otherwise they wouldn’t remove them from Topography as well.

  2. Post-rework Kharkiv is one of the worse maps in the game, amazing it took a war and a siege of the city for WG to pull it from rotation.

    Not sure why Minsk got caught as well but I suppose it’s because of Belarus openly supporting the Russian aggression and war effort.

  3. Both shitty maps and shitty cities anyway.
    Now please remove all Russian tanks from game

  4. Sorry…not sorry.

    Not the first time. There were other reasons to remove “Southcoast” but wasn’t that also “Crimea?”

    I suspect the next patch will include some of the new maps, whether they’re quite ready to go or not.

  5. if they are doing it for the situation with russia and ukraine then thats dumb af, its a game not a terrorism simulator.
    but those maps are cancer and they need a huge rework

        1. As in all the treaties signed by one side and all violated in one day. Inc not to attack Urkaine again if they handed over all their nukes.

          1. I am not defending Russian aggression,I think it is wrong…… but maybe in Putin’s eyes Ukrainian intentions to rearm with nukes made all those treaties invalid? Once you corner a desperate man all bets are off…its not like they just woke up one morning and decided to attack….things led to this situation-some are known,some are kept secret….what ever the reason they had or thought to have-the can of worms is opened and there is no going back

    1. Armored Warfare is in mail.ru’s pocket and most of the playerbase is Russian, War Thunder is made by a company that’s openly pro-Russian and the game has heavy RU bias.

      World of Tanks is the lesser evil.

        1. Seems like the most grindy of all these games…but if you want airplanes it’s probably the way to go.

  6. What about the other Ukraine maps?
    Pathetic WG don’t even know how organise a piss up in a brewery

  7. WG should remove Minsk because it is shite, not for political reasons.
    what’s next? Removal of the soviet tech tree?

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