Update 1.16: Build Muscle Style Set Pictures

A handful of photos of the Build Muscle Style Set, added in Update 1.16. Style treated as non-historical, valued at 750 gold.

Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers.

– “Why aren’t you at the gym?” Stop eating those chips! Put that soda aside. Strain yourself and finally go to this gym! If you haven’t done your best, you have practically done nothing. Just do it! Paddle forward and do twenty push-ups!

Wait, wait, take it easy. I’m just kidding. You won’t get far in life without a sense of humor. You have to be toughened up. And hardening requires regular exercise. Now start moving and don’t stop. “

7 thoughts on “Update 1.16: Build Muscle Style Set Pictures

  1. This is both ugly and dumb lol, same as the Schwarzenegger themed styles (one with dumbells, the other with Arnold flexing) handed out during the 2021 holidays.

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