WoT RU General Chat Disabled

Now it’s actually disabled not like previously.

“Zekiet (2022. 03. 04. 22:55:19) Dear users, I remind you that developers also read the forum. If you have ideas on how to improve the game, feel free to express your opinion – it will not go unnoticed.”
“Zekiet (2022. 03. 04. 22:59:53) Attention tankers! Visit our official World of Tanks CIS Discord server! https://discord.gg/wotcis On our server, you can quickly find a partner to play in a platoon. Use voice chat during the game. Receive World of Tanks news notifications. Chat with community managers. Discuss the game. More information at https://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/related/discord-wot”

“Chat Error You have been banned. Reason: Dear players! General chat on all servers, as well as personal channels are temporarily unavailable. We will inform you about the resumption of these services later. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

37 thoughts on “WoT RU General Chat Disabled

  1. Why would anyone want to join a discord channel that’s most likely monitored by Russian law enforcement? Reminder that any, ANY kind of disrespect/disapproval to Russia’s aggression and the country’s armed forces can result in years of jail.

  2. Dont blame “the russians”, blame Putin!

    Remember, it is not the Russians who are the enemy, only the sick Putin.
    Many Russians do not have access to independent information.

  3. After Russia stole Crimea in 2014 the support for Putler was at the level of approx. 90% – which basically means that 9 out of 10 Russians are assholes and cocksuckers. Howgh.

    1. Would be interesting to know the numbers now that Russia only has China, North Korea, Belarus and Syria as support, and the country is going through a huge financial crisis due to NATO sanctions. I’m sure the hardline nationalists want WW3 and for Russia to conquer the whole of Europe, but I wonder about the common folk with a working brain in their heads.

      1. Oh, China has interests on both sides, and has clearly shown shock in their media over the attack, and covered it severely. They have opened for more trade with them to cover their sanctions. But at the same time, they have made it clear they don’t like the idea of Russia expanding its borders one bit. The trade relations are great, but their other relations are walking on thin air as is to be tested much. As all their shelters back in the day were not built to protect them from the US.

  4. CALLED IT!!!
    literally wrote a topic about the fail of the chat system and the fact they will shut it down

  5. Keep in mind that those servers are for the entire CIS region, which includes Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Sakha Republic, Altaj Republic, Tuva Republic, etc.
    Turning off the CIS servers would also affect a lot of innocent people outside of Russia.

    1. Its not punishment, its a way to stop information about Russian invasion and war they starter. Only Russian citizens can stop Putin.

      1. And if they go out to protest they’ll most likely get shot.
        Is that what you want?

        140 years ago, they had Narodnaya Volya, and they succeeded in killing the Tsar.
        They were still only a fairly small organisation, and I’d think that would achieve more than asking people to go out and get shot.

  6. Unfortunately, some idiots think Putin is fighting the NWO and the globalists πŸ™„
    But he’s gone to Israel for support πŸ˜‚

  7. A lot of people here and elsewhere are saying “F commies!” Fair enough but Putin is the de facto head of Russia’s dominant anti-communist party. They don’t exactly stand for the sort of free enterprise/free market system people are used to in Western nations but they aren’t really communist either.

    All that makes me wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes, Putin may be many things but he’s not an idiot or incompetent. Is he possibly just longing for the days when Mother Russia was a world power and acting out on that desire? It’s possible, Russia has long been an expansionist state, but it seems a bit impulsive for a man who is if nothing else highly trained and disciplined. It’s also possible that Putin has remained loyal to Soviet ideology all this time and deliberately positioned himself the way he has and took the actions he did to discredit Russia’s anti-communist factions in the hopes that a new USSR could rise from the ashes. This makes a little bit of sense, Putin was an agent of the KGB and just now the world’s various socialist and communist factions are trying to grab all the power they can anywhere they are able.

  8. The amount of fucking racists hating on russian people here is absolutely stomach turning, makes me even more happy that Ukraine will dissappear from the map – a well deserved fate. Fascist monkey brained people dont deserve a country.

    1. @Ssam You monkey brained person don’t deserve to live. I hope you disappear, sir. The world will be better without people like you.

    1. You’re point being what? Everyone is fully aware of that. Just as we are fully aware that 550 of their 1730 staff members in EU are in Kyiv.

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