WoT Ranked Battles 2021-2022 Extended Details

The closing Season of Ranked Battles will take place from March 7 through March 20, so this is your last chance to display your mastery and make the final push for Rank Tokens for a better Annual Reward! This is also your final chance to make progress towards earning rewards, including the Chinese tier X 114 SP2, from this year’s Ranked season. (As a reminder, you must receive at least 9 Rank Tokens to receive the vehicle.)

Season Dates

March 7, 2022, at 10:00 CET through March 20, 2022, at 10:00 CET (UTC+1)

Prime Times

Weekdays: 14:00–02:00 CET (UTC+1) (EU 1 server)
Weekends: 10:00–02:00 CET (UTC+1) (EU 1 server)

The Brand-New Milton Pact 3D Style for the Concept 1B

You can get it for 5,000 bonds once you reach the Second Division.

Improved Reward Screen

We also improved the reward selection screen, so now it will be even easier to redeem the pieces of improved equipment you will receive as part of the Annual Reward. This year, you’ll be able to grab up to three different items of improved equipment of your choice from all existing equipment in this category, including Improved Compressor and Increased Shell Resistance, which are currently exclusive to Ranked Battles and unavailable for bonds. Think carefully before selecting!

When Can I Get My Annual Reward?

Your Annual Reward and all the prizes it contains will be credited to your account within two weeks of the end of the Season—you’ll just need to log in to the game to grab it! Any remaining Rank Tokens will be converted to bonds at the following rate:

1 Rank Token = 500 bonds

Compensation will also occur automatically within two weeks of the end of Season 3.

Get ready to fight to the last and grab your Annual Reward, Commanders!


6 thoughts on “WoT Ranked Battles 2021-2022 Extended Details

  1. One more stressful week, and 114 sp2 is collected.
    Never again though.
    I play this game for fun,
    Not to be shanked in ranked by kranvagn clankers.
    E3 punches holes in them but only barely.

    And I have to use the accursed gold ammo that I hate. In ranked I become what I dislike about the game.

    In order for a kran to be fair that reload needs to be nerfed to allow for punishing/balance.
    And that small spot under the gun needs to be a weakspot.

    1. Also I get what you are about to say about E3, and I kinda agree but the lack of turret and gun depression make it a lot harder to position. -13 degrees high dpm autoloader with nopen turret is what I’m taking about

  2. This looks a lot better than the Kpz 50t skin, i believe 50t skin was a missed opportunity, i really liked the camonet tank already had and combined my styles with it.

  3. in the ranked battle shop were u can buy the tanks,i have a question.:)))
    until witch date we can buy from there?

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