SerB Fired From Wargaming

SerB is no longer an employee of Wargaming!

On 25 February’s afternoon, Sergey Burkatovsky, known to veterans as SerB, the former creative director of Wargaming, posted a Facebook post saying:

“I support the operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the DPR and the LPR. The rest are nuances. (translated.)”

-Sergey Burkatovsky

The post in support of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine vanished very quickly, and Wargaming released a statement:

“Sergey is an employee of the company and expressed his personal opinion, which categorically does not coincide with the position of the company. All our forces are now focused on helping our over 550 colleagues from Kyiv and their families.”

Two days ago, there was info that SerB had parted ways with Wargaming:


“Broke up with WG.
(for those who do not load pictures – drawbridge.jpg)”

Our colleagues at rykoszet asked Wargaming representatives for comments on this situation. After a few moments, they received a laconic response:

“Sergei’s opinion is in complete contradiction with the company’s position. He is no longer an employee of Wargaming.”

The portal also announced that Wargaming decided to suspend the display of World of Tanks and World of Warships ads due to the military equipment that appears on them which may cause negative associations. It also encourages its partners to remove similar material. “Non-military” ads are OK. The reason is “the situation in the world”.

40 thoughts on “SerB Fired From Wargaming

  1. Now he can go clean Putin’s toilet for a living, where he belongs.

    Seriously though, that’s good news. It only took a war for it to happen! /s

  2. Sounds like the instant he was booted, WG already started making decent decisions…here’s hoping the suffering of our Ukrainian brethren won’t be for naught, and that the world is going to end up better thanks to it!

    Russians Go Home
    Slava Ukraini

    1. NATO, go home from the borders of Orthodox countries and respect the agreements related to it! Because of the too aggressive and open policy of conquering NATO towards the East and Russia, we now have a fratricidal war! Where were you, hypocrites, in 1999 when you destroyed Serbia?!?! Your hypocrisy of brainwashed people and misconceptions about the real state of affairs only surpasses the malice that the West is carrying out over the whole world!!

      1. Dumbass, ukrainians are not your brothers , and don’t want you there. Even more, they hate you. Hell, now EVERYBODY hates you. And it is not your business if they want to join NATO 🤣

      2. Get your facts right about Serbia, Serbs laid siege to Sarajevo for 2 years killing thousands, responsible for mass killings of Bosnian muslim men, tried to ethnically cleanse Kosovo, I’m proud to say I was apart of IFOR, SFOR and KFOR. NATO help stop the wars in the Balkans

        1. Funny I was there with NATO and I saw nothing but the EU and NATO working the political field for personal gain. We were there as glorified bag handlers for the various parties getting rich off the war, including the NATO command. We did not go there to stop and be peace keepers. Just like Somalia and Rwanda, were were simply tools to be used for others up the food chain to gain wealth or power. I Know this for a fact, because my ROE in ALL these places was to not do a fucking thing, you see a rape, or a murder, not in your ROE.. You see a village being torched.. ignore it, SO i have no clue what planet you were were on, or how high you were, but your assessment, is bull shit.

    1. it dosen’t matter
      he had and probably will and still has a CONTRACT with Wargaming
      Wargaming did know his mentality and PRO russian moves for war when he was still working at wargaming
      they did nothing
      what, now that is public , they have decided its time for SerB to take a pension from them ?
      realy ?

  3. Also Skill4LTU
    i’ve asked him in one of his stream about charity, his response was and i quote
    ” .i. take this for charity”
    also he delets any of my comments regarding this
    Keep in mind that he is PRO WG in any way that makes him profit
    he does not care about any of you

      1. Why don’t you tell the whole story.
        I was in the stream you are talking about.
        You started posting links (without) permission at first for some charity event. Then after you got permission to post does links and after Skill checked them, he explained that doing a charity stream takes time and planing.
        And he didn’t have time or at the moment.
        You didn’t exept this so you kept bugging and bugging him until he banned you.
        Now you come her spewing your lies.

        1. you are FAKE, skill never checked anything, we has in full gameplay when he did that
          also that was a Death Or Alive question for ukraine and he decided to ban me for put up that question, he felt that has not enought money for his personal benefits already

          1. Skill is pretty transparent regarding all this. No politics, no virus, no religion. If you are too stupid to understand that, then you get banned, easy as that.
            I go there to enjoy some quality gameplay, not to see all the fucked up opinions of stupid people.

          2. Um, do you think that you have a right to post whatever you want on the Twitch Channel of a Streamer?
            If you do, you are a moron.

            You can be banned for saying hello if the streamer decided to ban you, and from what I read here, you did quite a lot more then say hello.

  4. WG is a private company.
    Thier mission is profit. Not taking a side in a conflict.
    They have millions of customers/players in Russia, Ukraine, Beylorussia, EU, etc etc.

    They are obligated to be 100% neutral.

    Any employee of a company that violates company policy should be fired, regardless of anything.
    Is Serb a huge part of WG’s beginning and middle years? 100%.
    He should have known better.

    1. what he says as a private citizen is his to say. But by your logic, everything a person does has to be vetted by the company, so you vote the way the company tells you, you say what the company wants.. exactly where do you draw the line.. seems to me, you don’t, you seem to believe in corporate slavery over personal freedoms.. what a hero you are.

  5. Interesting that they also took down the ads due to military equipment images, I wonder if they will remove Russian bias in the game too? NAHHHHH

    1. There’s still Russian bias….all battles are now assault with 50 tanks (all Russian) on the attacking team. 20 of these tanks are destroyed in the first 2 minutes and another 20 players abandon the battle.
      There were going to be even more Russian tanks on the attacking team but those players refused to click the Battle button.

    1. Crew 2.0 can be a good change, if they will tweak it, so it will not be broken OP, and if you don’t lose too much XP when you train a crew to multiple tanks.

      1. Just give us Crew 1.1. There is massive effort and complexities involved in trying to balance everything…..ensuring players with 7 or 8-skill crews are not disadvantaged (especially taking into account that the 8th skill requires similar amount of XP as the first 7 skills combined), making sure new players with new crews don’t have an even worse experience than they already have (streamer Dutch described the experience for new players as ‘like having 2 fists up your ass), consideration for 0 skill crews (very important for those players who bought prem tanks multiple times just for the 0-skill crew)
        Introducing an entirely new crew system that balances the above considerations will require to much time and effort that is not really worth it (and this time and effort could be directed into parts of the game that really need it.)
        Just do some tweaking, add\remove\update some of the existing skills, and call it Crew 1.1

    1. SO by this statement you openly support genocide and the 14000+ deaths of Ethnic Russians since 2014? Pretty much anything you say is you lack the required social morality to have a viable opinion.

  6. If your political opinion shall be similar to your employer’s political opinion then you are no longer live in a democracy.

    If you think that profit is more important than values and fundamental rights then you believe iny tyranny and oppression.

    I would never agree with war upon innocent countries – but I will defend the people’s right to have their own political opinion without suffering any harm.

    Because if we say that we can oppress opinions just because we don’t like them or don’t agree with them, then sooner or later we can find ourself in a dictature where others are oppressing us to have a different political view than allowed.

    It’s not about the content of the political views. It’s about the basic freedom rights.

    If you agree with the fireing of SerB then Putin and Hitler already won. You live in a tyrannical world.

    1. Your woke views look great on paper but are fantasy in real world.
      Your comparison of Hitler to Putin is laughable and shows your total lack of historical understandings.

  7. Serb was absolute garbage Long before the war..He is the reason for many bad things in the game..

  8. If you support Ukraine and it’s government, then you SUPPORT ethic cleansing, 14000 Ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine murdered by the nationalized ‘nazi’ premilitary units such as the AZOV battalion.. SO are you just a stupid moron and support Ukraine’s because it’s the cool thing to do, or do you support Ukraine’s government because you support genocide.. sounds like a lot of you support the genocide.. pathetic and disgusting.

    1. Oh really if you support Russian invasion then you support a country that actively denies the HOLODOMOR that killed millions of Ukrainian. It’s like a country denying the Holocaust that it was all fabricated lol.

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