The “new” extended 3D styles.

In 1.16, the so-called Extended 3D styles for the first time will appear.

These 3D styles are familiar to us from the 2019 Christmas boxes.
• Granite on the IS-7
• Igelschnäuzchen on the 🇩🇪Grille 15
• Hellhound on the 🇺🇲T57 Heavy Tank
• Marengo on the 🇨🇵Bat.-Chatillon 25 t

Now WG made these styles for the following tanks:
• Object 277, IS-4 and ST-II. – “Granite”
🇩🇪: Rhm. Skorpion, Rhm.-Borsig WT and WT auf Pz. IV – “Igelschnäuzchen”
🇺🇸: T110E5 and T54E1. – “Hellhound”
🇨🇵: AMX 13 105 and Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP. – “Marengo”

At the moment, judging by the files of the game’s 1.16 CT, if you have the original style, then it will be IMPOSSIBLE to install it on another vehicle! Extended 3D styles will need to be obtained or purchased separately. All of them! Each 3D style is a separate style. They don’t work like 2D styles!
The way of obtaining it is unknown yet.

Photos of these styles are available from previous posts:
ST II, Object. 277 and IS-4
Rheinmetall Skorpion, Rhm Borsig Waffentrager and Waffentrager auf Pz 4
T54E1 and T110E5
Bat-Chatillon25t AP and AMX 13 105

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