Recap of Global Map: Confrontation

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The intense two-week-long Confrontation event on the Global Map has ended. It was tough and hard-fought, but it was all worth it for the deserved victors! They asserted themselves over the opposing clans to take control of the Global Map and have plenty of glorious rewards to show for their determination. Get ready for the next Season on the Global Map, starting in March, by checking out who confronted the challenge head on to come out on the other side celebrating.

Fair Play Policy

We would like to reiterate that we continue to keep a watchful eye on World of Tanks and always monitor the behavior of players. This applies to special game events, like the Global Map, but also to Random Battles and every other available game mode. Violations of our Terms of Service and the End-User License Agreement are not tolerated, and we actively work against cheaters who use harmful and unwelcome software.

Following the latest Season on the Global Map, and in accordance with our Fair Play Policy, we will penalize 56 accounts. 37 of these accounts will receive their first warning, and 19 will be banned permanently. Our message is clear: Cheating is unacceptable!

Using prohibited modifications or violating the game or event rules in any way leads to exclusion from the Alley of Fame, thereby preventing violators from receiving rewards.

We apply global ban waves to keep the gaming environment as fair as possible.

Let’s take the game seriously and play fair!

Confrontation Results









Confrontation Winners – INVIL

It is really big achievement for us to finally win campaign with only 1 team – showing that the quality of one team can reach further than the quantity of 4 or even 5. That couldn’t be possible with all parts of purple alliance (TENTS, CSA and of course TILT) so thank you boys for this too. We did something impossible for some clans and we showed that INVIL’s era is still here. At the end after this hard 2 weeks special thanks for people from first INVIL team who made this achieve with me. See you on next events!

Confrontation Rewards

The Confrontation event presented clans and players with the opportunity to earn a huge variety of rewards, including Tier X reward tanks, bonds, days of WoT Premium Account, stunning 2D and 3D styles, Personal Reserves, and more!

The event’s reward pool contained 7,000,000 for distribution among the most successful clans, depending on their position on the Clan Leaderboard. Clan members also receive a multiplier (up to x7) to their personal reward of bonds, depending on their clan’s position in the Alley of Fame.

Personal Fame Points can be exchanged for the following rewards:

Clan Gold Distribution

  • Positions 1–10
  • Positions 11–350
1 165,000
2 125,000
3 85,000
4 80,000
5 75,000
6 70,000
7 65,000
8 60,000
9 55,000
10 55,000

Important Dates and Times

February 21 at 04:00 CET (UTC+1): Leaderboard closes.

February 24 at 04:00 CET (UTC+1): Auction for reward tanks begins. Players can select their rewards in the Fame Point shop. Invoicing of 2D and 3D styles, customizations, and medals begins.

Top tip: Make sure to pick your most desired reward first (e.g., one of the seven Tier X reward tanks) to avoid dropping below the required number of Fame Points when shopping for other goodies.

March 10: Fame Point shop and auction close. We will start processing the auction bids, return bonds if a bid wasn’t high enough to get a tank, and begin the process of invoicing Tier X tanks from the auction, as well as Tier VII and VIII tanks from the Workshop.

Confrontation Statistics

Those juicy rewards should give you an idea of how competitive Confrontation was, and these insightful stats paint a similar picture.

Most Active Clans

1 TR_OM 866
2 WORTH 761
3 CH3SS 740
4 RDDT 739
5 ICOH 731

Most Successful Clans

1 INVIL 86.9%
2 GNXMI 74.2%
3 TILT 72.3%
4 MVPS 71.8%
5 CSA 68.7%

Most Fought-Over Provinces

1 Tomaszowmazowiecki 241
2 Vilnius 236
3 Murashi 230
4 Shakhty 229
= Szolnok 229

Maps Most Fought On

1 Prokhorovka 9022
2 Himmelsdorf 8920
3 Murovanka 7450
4 Live Oaks 7101
5 Ensk 5870

Most Active Players

1 spc_669 [-ODP-] 250
= patkan789 [-ODP-] 250
= kknnaall [-ODP-] 250
4 WilhelmList_sk [-ODP-] 249
5 Michalik003 [-ODP-] 248
= Levab_CZE [-ODP-] 248
= _PaNda_32 [-ODP-] 248

Most Successful Players

1 rozllikad [TILT] 5709
2 panzfury [INVIL] 5699
3 Kubaz___ [INVIL] 5599
4 Like_____ [INVIL] 5527
5 Alyae [TILT] 5470

Most Popular Times

1 2 3 4
19:00 CET 21:00 CET 20:00 CET 22:00 CET

Total Battles Played

Longest Winning Streak

Total Tanks Destroyed

Highest Number of Research Points

112,102 35 – INVIL 2,246,873 8,086,801 – TILT

Roll out—and get ready for the next Season on the Global Map, starting in March!

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  1. ” Cheating is unacceptable! “, but more than one players told me that: A) that he pay for .exe external at game dir, in order to avoid anticheat- B) That he use in game dir but free cheats, and, if picked and banned simply will pay for another account C) both told that one time with Tundra and obj down, impossible back to vanilla. GG WG, 19 Ban….. a lot…..

    1. I use illegal mods to get a high wn8 and wr. Then I sell the account for 100 euros.
      There’s no work in my country so why not make money playing games.

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