36 thoughts on “WoT – No more Black Market this year!

  1. After this fuckup who can expect more?
    I gambled shitton of credits because i have no way of spending them and want type 59 (which is very cute tank, imho) but otherwise – i can’t get excited about the game anymore.
    I don’t know if that’s years of gameplay or just WG incompetence to make money AND fun gameplay at the same time, but it’s not scratching the itch anymore.

    1. Imagine being on the NA server where u can get that type 59 for cheap but the only people left to play against r the best players who still stuck around

      1. I hear from top EU people that RU server is very playable and only one competent. But WG allows only NA to EU transfers. I would gladly jump to RU.
        NA is just pain and mess to watch, i really don’t see any future there. If you’re on east coast you can still get about 100ms ping on EU on fiber. Have you considered that?
        Make dummy account and try EU, if it’s fine submit ticket for server switch.

        1. I’ve given too much money to WG over the last 8-9 years. I emptied out all my gold during the last auction. I’ve moved on to Hell Let Loose. I just like seeing the new vehicles they introduce on here. WoT is pretty dead to me at this point. But the tank play in HLL is pretty fun.

        2. Make sure the timezone works for you first. You wouldn’t want to miss tournaments and clan events because of it.

          1. Really? I knew some people transferres. They probably saw they’re leaking players so sercer change isndisabled. Damn…
            You can ask on forums then…

  2. Guess the convoy scamfest drained more credits, gold and bonds compared to black market, I would not be surprised if convoy is the new format for these events.

  3. Wow, who would guess WG would do anything so messed up?That they would be so incompetent?Greedy riigged and manipulated? or a shame ? Or anything bizarre and weirdo like a soviet thing?
    The game was promising but everything else around it, wasnt… Rest In Peace


    Remove the 3 5 7 mm… Give every tank +1 -1 mm..

    Revert spgs back to 7.0 stats besides vision… 1 to 2 spgs per team.. Allow spgs to platoon up to 2 spgs per platoon.. Allow spgs to use all the equipment.. And let them have the mobility slot as well..

    Yes you will have to deal with 1 shot spgs but least you wont have to deal with hull down monsters that ruin the game.. And will be blind and easy to kill if they are alone cause no vision..


    Revert the nerfs done to derp guns.. Keep the new HE mechanics to only to non derp guns.. So old derps will have the old he mechanics.. While the other tanks not designed to be a derp gun will keep the current HE mechanics.. This will also counter hull down monsters.. That also attempt to side scrape.. Which means deathstar and poopbarn will be viable again..

    Type 5 gun nerf revert back to old derp shell damage.. Instead make the standard shell have 1300 alpha 75 pen.. While the premium HE have 230 pen and 1100 alpha.. And the AP deal 900 alpha and a pen of 270 pen.

    Buff type 5 140mm gun premium pen to have 330 pen to 340 pen..

    This would make type 5 and japan super heavy’s viable once more..

    Add back weak spots once more.. Gun ports having 20 to 30mm less armor and view ports being 10 to 20mm less armor.. Commander towers having 30 to 40mm less armor… But grants more view range and have spaced armor around 10 to 20mm that will eat up premium ammo only.. Lower plates have 25% less armor then the upper plate… Training the players to use standard ammo once more…

    Revert the light tank nerfs so they can be used in combat again… If it has a gun it should be able to shoot stuff..

    Limit the premium ammo usage to 20 to 10 shells per tank notice how i said limit not % unless its a machine gun tank then you limit the ammo by 10% to 20%

    Remove the tanks immunity to being nerfed from premium tanks.. Want a refund you get the tanks refund value in $…

    Everyone gets the same battle pass…

    Reward tanks get the same treatment as premium tanks.. They can get nerfed..

    Set the balance % to a base of 50 to 55% anything higher is considered overpowered… Anything lower then 50% is underpowered..

    Add armor onto places for credits.. 1 million per armor placement.. It adds 10mm to 20mm plates.. Up to 3 plates.. Cannot stack them.. (Like the decal placements)

    Return maps that was removed to be back into the game..

    Remove invisible walls…

    Ebrs lose 50% speed and turning if the outside wheels are popped in rapid mode.. Give damage assist same as tracking if you popped them.. If in curse mode 25% each wheel popped of speed.. (2 wheels in rapid to track it) (4 wheels in curse to track it)

    Return the meme guns that were removed…

    Give 30mm of armor to side scraping made tanks so they can side scrape… But have pathetic lower plates and set on fire from the lower plate.. Looking at you pz7 and fv215b fake tank… (They still get countered by derp guns and artillery)

    Premium ammo can only be acquired by playing the game… Aka you have to get medals in order to add premium ammo into a tank… Remove the option to load premium ammo for gold and credits… Every medal you can add 2 more premium shells onto the tank your playing..

    Rename premium ammo to special shells since its no longer able to be bought for gold/silver

    Remove the Russian bias

    Let clanwars be allowed in every tier, tank companies, skirmishes advanced etc etc..

    Nation vs Nation battles

    Balanced historical battles

    And finally.. All collector tanks can be upgraded to premium tanks via credits.. Tier 1 collector tank to upgrade it into a premium tank will cost 1 million credits.. Every tier after that will only go up by 500,000 credits collector tanks will have collector premium tank status and with that every tier it will add 5% credits experience to the total amount you can upgrade it up to 6 times.. 30%..

    That’s how you fix world of tanks… And make it fun again..

    1. Pfff ahahaha
      The good ol “back in the day everything was better”

      Just shoot ebr while turning
      Is it so hard? Auto aim works

      We could use more weak spots but eh.
      Keep dreaming

      … posting here and not Forums won’t help at all

      1. As if posting in the forum is of any help lol, when it comes to WoT WG only cares about positive opinions from RU, everything else is irrelevant.

    2. Hmmmmm…. revert arty back to 7.0 !? HELL NO! I wish wg would remove it completely, but i guess i have to be happy with this nerfs that we got now. If you want to deal with hull down monster, then use your keyboard, and use your brain, God did not put your head on your shoulders just to stop the rain getting in your neck. I don’t want Arty to ruin the game even more . If you want to complain of something, complain about the +/-25% RNG and the gold spam. THAT ruins the game.

      1. arty was not that bad then vs now
        now u get stunned, then u would get a splash of 110-200 damage at 50 s and now u get stunned for 25s with 300 damage splash
        make your calculus
        P.s then u would not see cheftain and 279 rush B like russian suka bliat style
        Game nowdays is in his worst shape since 2011 release
        Never listen to players
        Listen to the analists that actualy pay atention to the game

        1. So, because cheftain and 279 at tier 10, rushing b like russian suka bliat style, we must have arty, at all tiers? I like your logic, is not enough we have cancer in game, now we must have ebola too.
          And arty wasn’t bad the, it was HORROR . At least now i have lots of games with no arta,

    3. What a surprise, it’s RagnarokBazil with the dumb ideas. This dude has mental problems, don’t take him seriously. I was in a clan with him for a while, unbearable.

      1. i do not know
        his mentality is pretty acurate to make the game fun and enjoyable for everybody and PRO productive in a busniess way as well because 100.000 happy customers have a chance to buy products then 1.000 happy and 1.000.000 very angry nowdays

  5. Don’t miss the BM either
    It’s stressful and offers are infuriating

    The Su76L fuck up was just frustrating

    The AUCTION was better
    You didn’t have 30s to make up your f mind

    The CARAVAN is just stupid random nonsense
    IF you roll lucky you get super tank X
    If you roll unlucky enjoy rental offers
    Or spent 1.5 million on rerolls (for nothing

    …. Yeah no. That sucks

  6. This gypsy caravan con was the worst event ever.
    I’m not going spend another cent on this shambles of a game. Anyone who does is a puffoon.
    Every event is launched broken. But this blatant gambling is dispicable.
    I love wot as a game but wg are total trash.
    Totally ignoring this disaster event with no apology or statement is unbelievable.

  7. Hey guys, anyone got a 20-day chat ban for “Offensive insults” even when you said no insults?
    Some friends and me got a random 20-days chat ban that expires on 10th March 2022 9:35 for “Offensive insults” even when we never said insults. Also i read that some people were getting random 20-day chat bans for “Offensive insults” too even when they never used the chats.

    Sebastianul, you know anyone who also suffered this kind of unfair ban? Because i don’t understand how 25 players can get a same sanction even when they didn’t broke any rule in the game nor in the chats.

    1. Also in the game i am the contrary opposite: I tell people to respect others and to not fight, and i encourage people to not insult and be polite.

      Can this be any kind of Wargaming’s random punishments for not spending money? Or an obscure tactic as they fear a NATO Invasion and they punish Western European accounts?

      1. This could all be a last cash in before the war actually breaks out…which looks likely…after which all bets are off; watching from the United States with grim fascination.

        1. I can confirm i got a chat ban of 20 days for Offensive Insults. Funny because i never used the General Chat.

      2. hey dude, 20 days for me too even when i got a 59 and a 62 from the caravan

        they say i did insults too when i only use the chat to recruit people for the clan

        wtf weegee goes against europe now?

    2. wow i also got 20 ban days in thr chat and the only things i say are good luck and have fun

      Wargaming is banning european people for the belarus-ukraine situation

    3. thats the enclosure of free speach there
      they should chat block you on general where u commited the “abstraction” not on general tho
      These russian idiots realy diserve their name of TOP idiots of Earth

    1. That is highly unlikely and is a bet I’m willing to take…however, reality does have a quality all its own; particularly since Crew 2.0 (don’t kid yourselves, it’s still coming) looks like the last straw for a lot of players. As for the NA server, you Europeans don’t have to worry about us. I would not be surprised to see a Mid-Atlantic server set up linking NATO Europe and the Western Hemisphere real soon now!

    2. People are telling this story for the past 8-10 years now. And yet here we are still playing. It’s an aging no question about that and people move on / numbers are slowly getting lower. But dead? Far from it – as long as WG makes profit they keep it running, they might decide to merge serves at some point though.

  8. Well… look at the bright side.
    WG are obviously trying something to replace the black market. The BM was not good. Offers go off in less than a minute and they are not appearing in good time for people who actually have to go to work. OK maybe the morning one is ok. But offer at 5pm is not good. People are not home yet.
    So the idea to replace it with something is good. They are trying to find what works best.
    I think the auction event they did was way better than the “caravan” with rerolls and RNG and stuff.
    Maybe they do a good auction actually

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