Trading Caravan: All Event Tanks Leaked (Complete List)

Thanks to KSA for the heads-up. The following list is from the Chinese server:

  • these offers:
    -Overpriced style for ~5k gold
    -Senlac – 1.5M credits (rental 7days)
    -Strv 81 – 1.5M credits (rental 7 days). Other rentals: T-34-3, M 41 90 GF, T-103, Bourrasque, Progetto 46
    -IS-3A – 11.2K Gold
    -VK 75.01 K for 7500 gold
    -M6A2E1 for 7000 gold
    -M41D for 5450 gold
    -CS-52 LIS for 6300 gold
    -TS-5 for 9100 gold
    -T77 for 11.5K gold
    -VK 168.01P – 7.5M
    -April Fools 2D skin for 1 credit
    -Foch 155 for 20k bonds
    -TOG II for 3.5 million credits
    -Cromwell B for 5 million credits
    -IS-2 for 5 million credits
    -ISU-122S for 5 million credits
    -T25 Pilot 1 for 8.5 million credits
    -SU-130PM for 10100 gold
    -GSOR 1008 for 9300 gold
    -Renegade for 9300 gold
    -Bisonte C45 for 10500 gold
    -703 II (122) for 9540 gold
    -ISU-152K for 9000 gold
    -E 75 TS for 8730 gold
    -Turtle I for 8100 gold
    -Type 62 for 4140 gold
    -AMX 13 57 for 4320 gold
    -JgTig.8,8 cm for 8370 gold
    -LT-432 for 5490 gold
    -Somua SM for 9180 gold
    -Skorpion for 9090 gold

50 thoughts on “Trading Caravan: All Event Tanks Leaked (Complete List)

  1. T22 is for bonds. Dadgummit. At least I know not to worry about it. Hopefully they’ll do this again next year.

  2. Kirovets for 15M – thats too much, def. not worth it.
    T22 – 25k bonds – def. not worth for so much bonds. Trust me, its not great tank, i own it.
    Foch also too much for 20k bonds – not worth it.

    1. 15M for Kirovets is worth of it
      T22 is awesome, you are probably just bad, same applies to Foch.
      Have a nice day

      1. T22 is not awesome. It can reverse side scrape, but that only works against bad players. The gun is horrible.

    2. 15 mil for Kirovets is theft , best deal ever , tank worth 10k gold and u pay 15 mil credit , which u can grind for about 15 hours with boosters

      1. I wouldnt bother to grind 15 (or more exactly 10 hours) for one copy paste tank, when have full garage of premiums, even IS3a and 703. That just dont make sense… I want use the gold from loot boxes or maybe euros which i get for a fraction of that time in work. I repeat 15mil is too much.

        1. Yeah, you wouldnt bother, I wouldnt bother as well, but a f2p player or someone who does not have many prems probably would

  3. Classic WG event … timer went to 0, event not available. After I figured out whats wrong by restarting the client, everything has been sold out. Once upon a time I have looked up to the clever people of WG … but these people obviously have left the company a long long time ago …

    1. what do u mean sold out? i got all the the tanks that were for credits and the 2d skin for 1 credit, just wait for the offers to apear in the dedicated page or refresh when prompted to…

      Got this:

      cromwell B
      Rudy PL
      su 122 s
      Pilot 1
      Cammo 1 credit

      1. I got a screen with an image in the center of the screen with some crates and equipment and a message along the line of “everything sold out – come back again” or – on relading the page later – with “technical issues, we are trying to solve this” …

          1. i tried — nothing happend. But I solved the problem by switching from EU2 to EU1 – now it works ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Lets see

      ???-Overpriced style for ~5k gold
      dont want -Senlac โ€“ 1.5M credits (rental 7days)
      dont want -Strv 81 โ€“ 1.5M credits (rental 7 days). Other rentals: T-34-3, M 41 90 GF, T-103, Bourrasque, Progetto 46
      own -IS-3A โ€“ 11.2K Gold
      own -VK 75.01 K for 7500 gold
      own -M6A2E1 for 7000 gold
      own -M41D for 5450 gold
      own -CS-52 LIS for 6300 gold
      own -TS-5 for 9100 gold
      dont want -T77 for 11.5K gold
      own -VK 168.01P โ€“ 7.5M
      ???-April Fools 2D skin for 1 credit
      would like -Foch 155 for 20k bonds
      own -TOG II for 3.5 million credits
      own -Cromwell B for 5 million credits
      own -IS-2 for 5 million credits
      dont want -ISU-122S for 5 million credits
      dont want -T25 Pilot 1 for 8.5 million credits
      own -SU-130PM for 10100 gold
      dont want -GSOR 1008 for 9300 gold
      own -Renegade for 9300 gold
      own -Bisonte C45 for 10500 gold
      own -703 II (122) for 9540 gold
      dont want -ISU-152K for 9000 gold
      own -E 75 TS for 8730 gold
      idk-Turtle I for 8100 gold
      own -Type 62 for 4140 gold
      own -AMX 13 57 for 4320 gold
      own -JgTig.8,8 cm for 8370 gold
      own -LT-432 for 5490 gold
      own -Somua SM for 9180 gold
      own -Skorpion for 9090 gold

      I have no freaking bonds :<
      Stupid Kunze!! (and styles<.< Why you so expensive!

      I would liked 122 med to farm bonds+creds… but again, out of bonds !

  4. Foch 155 for 20k bonds !!!!!!
    Why on earth would someone want to spend so many bonds for this thing????

    1. I want the Foch 155, but not worth 20k bonds lmao, last BM during the garage sale thing I got the FV 215b 183 in the first roll. Will wait for another event to get it.

  5. ps its official now. Type59 is now a REGULAR premium ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    For 6.3k thats a gift horse. its a decent tank since the buff

  6. Kirovets for 15 million LOL

    Are people aware that it’s a less armored Object 703-II (same hull, worse turret) with the pre-buff IS-3A gun (the one it had before they added the autoreloader)?

    Also no AMBT in the list, this event is 99% useless to me. ๐Ÿ™

    Still, 1 (one) credit for Astron? Is that screen doctored?

  7. so i get offered 7 day rental senlac for 1.5 M…..camo for 1300 gold…camo for 720 gold….crappy 1 M directive/consumable bundle….and now i need to pay 75K credits for them offering me something “better”????

    1. You “need” nothing (and there’s no guarantee the credit rolls will pull better deals, even duplicates are possible), they want you to keep rolling for credits like you’d put coins into a slot machine (because this event is, basically, a slot machine). Just take the daily free rolls and don’t bleed your resources.

    1. is 3 (1m8 credit and 1600 gold), kranvagn ( 2000 gold or 2 mil credit), FV4005, SU 130, object 274, E50M raven(black market one), VZ 55, 122 TM, etc.

  8. I will have my finger on the button when the show opens up to take a shot…Astron Rex will be available early and gone early!

  9. i spend a bunch of credits and gained everything except astron and kirovetz, dont bother to chase it, clickbait, chances are rly narrow… everything else ok

  10. Well it’s a good sh*t from WG, I spent morw that I want for Astron and they give it for free (for butthurts it is 1 silver)

  11. T 22 and Kirovets-1 have been sold out on both EU and ASIA server, if you guys are trying to get these from caravan then it’s time to stop, WG is not going to inform you guys about it.

      1. it does show the limit of the tank available through the 3 orange dots on the corner, if there are no more tanks available, it will be grayed out, and both T22 and kirovets 1 are both sold out like that. If you dont believe me then have fun burning millions of credits and get nothing lmao

  12. Can confirm, kirovets and astron rex have SOLD OUT on Asia server.
    They WILL NOT populate in the rotation. TRANSPARENCY WG!!!!!

    Unfortunately MOST players got locked out of rerolling during the opening night…and game said had used maximum number of rolls…we lost opportunity to get certain tanks.

    AS USUAL A WG FUCKUP. And robbery of whales. Only victors are ftps, and the scrooges.
    With Astron rex being 1 credit to buy, I expect VERY VERY FEW were in stock…and NOT OFFERED to any whales.

  13. You idiot players no wonder you are 45% bots.
    Spending 12,000,000 credits on a broken event and getting nothing. Lmao

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