Battle Pass Season 7: “Reiter” 3D style for the 🇩🇪 Leopard 1 – Pictures

This is one of the three 3D styles from the upcoming seventh season of the Battle Pass. The style is treated as historical, valued at 750 gold.

Suitable for vehicles: Leopard 1.

Finally! For two weeks, they kept us locked in the barracks. Now here comes some clarity of action! The unit has nothing to do. We are simply sitting here watching the silent war between radio operators and decoders. I believe radio transmissions with our orders were constantly intercepted, then headquarters transmitted false information, but it was missed and our guys thought it was genuine. Then we received cancellation. Or was it intercepted as well? Ugh, such a fuss… I would rather watch paint dry. Anyway, we are already on the move, and something tells me that sending heavy tanks to an urban environment is… not exactly what we expected? I hope nobody realizes I’m not sure which headquarters sent this order. I am quite used to fighting on city streets. But there’s a catch: Last time, I was a cavalryman.

Richard eins neun sieben neun—end transmission.

5 thoughts on “Battle Pass Season 7: “Reiter” 3D style for the 🇩🇪 Leopard 1 – Pictures

      1. The early west-german military uniform from the bundeswehr did look like that, the american m1 helmet was introduced as m62 and the uniform is the so called filzlaus which was also issued in the 60’s so its accurate

        1. in the full image of him he also got the correct webbing and weapon (an UZI or MP2 as it was called by the bundeswehr) and also the right boots and gloves so they did their research on that.

          the only thing would be his beard i have not yet seen any photos of german soldiers in the 60’s having full beards

  1. This style with the combination of the EMES 18 and the PZB 200 looks kind of stupid and redundant.

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