Battle Pass Season 7: “Freight Train” 3D Style for the 🇺🇸 T110E4 – Pictures

This is one of the three 3D styles from the upcoming seventh season of the Battle Pass. The style is treated as historical, valued at 750 gold.

Fits vehicles: T110E4.

Sure thing. Let me go first. Let me check how many anti-tank grenade launchers they have. Let me check if there are MORE mined under crumbled bricks and rubble. I don’t need any reconnaissance. I don’t need infantry support. I am a self-supported combat unit. ‘We need your coordinates,’ they tell me. They say they lost my visual. I have no idea where I am anymore. Ruins, smoke, concrete dust, more ruins—are those coordinates good enough for you? You gave me a searchlight that broke down after the first contact. Who would’ve thought that could happen?! Next time, you can have me transport stained glass windows and mirrors through this mess of destroyed buildings. If there even will be a next time.

The voltmeter is going haywire again. Getting stuck here with burned-out wiring will be just perfect…

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