Update 1.16: First Public Test

If everything goes according to plan, the first Common Test of Update 1.16 will start this Thursday, February 3. If anything goes wrong, the test server will start the next day.

Update 1.16 brings Battle Pass Season 7  with brand new tanks, a brand new season of either Frontline or Steel Hunter.

20 thoughts on “Update 1.16: First Public Test

  1. WOT entire Ballance team should be fired, or remove gold ammo or nerf it HARD

    1. I always find people who constantly bitch about premium ammo like it’s the root of all evil in this game funny cause premium ammo doesn’t even do much other than waste your credits if you don’t know how to position yourself and use it well.

      1. You seem to not want a better game. When you will have 15:1/2/3 games that last 3 minutes , don’t ask why.

    2. Yea remove Gold so lower tier cant do anything about hightier tanks and seconds after there is a new super heavy meta a 279s Dream. Dude I hope your not that dumb like the comment you just wrote.

  2. I don’t get the problem. Anyone can buy premium ammo for credits.
    Why would you not use it? If it is better?
    You handicapping yourself if you don’t.

    1. The problem is that is way too much gold spam. You almost don’t see standard ammo in your hit log. I had a game in my T34, in a tier 10 game, and an obj 277 shot nothing but gold at me. It wasn’t enough that i was in a tier 10 game, i had to be gold spammed too… What is the point of armor then? I get that you have to use some gold against obj 279 or some super armored tanks, but the way the game is now is too much , and not fun at all.

    1. Ps it’s a credits drain
      Cost has to be reduced so people will still use it…. And have to get prem tanks.

      Yes wg needs some cash stimulus

    2. It’s not that simple. The one person is driving a super heavy like a 279 wich the enemy tank can only pen with gold frontally. That way, the 279 has an even better advantage because its survivability increases even more.

      1. What you say is true, but by the other hand, what will you do when that 279 will spam nothing but gold at you, even if you are in a tier 8 tank? Or better yet, what will you do if all tier 10s shoot nothing but gold at you, even if you are in a tier 8 tank? I still think the best solution is to nerf the alpha damage on gold ammo . Or, like it was in sandbox , when they buffed the tanks hitpoints and increased the alpha damage on standard shells, because if they nerf the alpha damage on premium ammo, that means they must nerf the premium tanks, and they can’t do that.

      2. It’s rare and they are often overly confident.
        Ofc…. They should strengthen HE to combat hull down and crazy tanks in general.

        The He on test before the current System was just right. You could do reliable damage to big tanks using smaller caliber.

        So it’s just a question of adjusting

        Ps 279 can’t gold span either.
        And since it’s a reward and not actual pay tank…. Nerd that shit

        Bring back weak spots

        1. I was trying to do HT15 for obj 260, with Maus, and i managed to bounce even gold. Till they switched to HE and failed to do it. It was lots of fun to be HE spammed . So no, the old system HE system was NOT right and i’m happy they change it.

          Also, you can do reliable damage to big tanks using small caliber but using AP. But that requires to be competent and have knowledge of tank weak spots.

  3. Remember the majority of players don’t have skill and don’t care to learn. They just want to shoot and kill tanks and win.
    So after HE was effectively removed as it helped damage tanks that were impenetrable people just switched to apcr. They not going to learn to aim.

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