AMBT might be overpowered

The developers did not expect this.

After waiting 2 weeks for the statistics to adjust, this is what we can conclude: The AMBT tank is currently in 3rd place in terms of total efficiency among ALL Tier 8 tanks, while overtaking the Škoda T 56. The developers definitely didn’t want or expect this, given that this is the so-called “auction tank”.

And if we look at the total winrates on the RU server separately at tier 8 – the tank is in 11th place (52.34%).

22 thoughts on “AMBT might be overpowered

  1. the fact that the bourrasque still beats it out really shows how deep the hole is they’ve dug themselves in with that “no nerf” clause huh

    1. This isn’t a bad thing to WG. They made money. They don’t care about the health and balance of the game as long as whales continue to buy.

  2. With the Charlemagne in 1st place on RU?
    Maybe that says more about the people playing it than the tank itself?
    Or is the Charlemagne ultra-OP?

    1. Charlemagne: A tank that only played by people who dedicate themselves to Ranked and most likely have purchased Concept 1B and Kpz as well and thus at least must be consistently decent at Ranked. Obviously only good players would bought it lol.

    2. Also, if you’d look at the actual curves for the AMBT, they aren’t as bad as for, e.g. the borat.

    3. It’s not OP, but no under powered either.

      WG did a great job balancing it, it’s really good when you slap bounty equipment in it. Add the fact that people who will most likely buy it are excellent players and you get a tank that will wreck everything if it’s top tier or cause a lot of headache to the top tiers.

      Underrated tank in my opinion.

  3. Hahaha who has the last laugh!? I do!

    People fought for the trash tanks
    I got AMBT for cheap

    1080 volleys are pure joy
    Flexible reloads and decent armor and mobility.

    It’s a pump action shotgun basically.
    A lot of kill potential. Shoot. Reload. Unload. 1400 DMG in 12s.

    Death star levels of hurt at t8

    1. It’s not.. The auction favours players who put time/money into the game who on average will be better. The tank is nothing special and not even close to bourrasque levels.

    2. ps. as for the rest:
      TS-5 is basically DoomTurtle @T8 but more mobile (lower plate a tad bigger though but thats it
      Fun Rating: easy but rather boring. Move to corner. Hold LMB

      Panhard always does 3~4k combined on a lazy sunday. Super easy to get spots or dmg!
      Fun Rating: if you make it into mid-late game or find empty flanks my god its just evil >:D

      KH07 is basically T44100 with LansenArmor and more DPM. Its hard to find chances without being shot at but IF you do chewing away is a lot of fun and missing is no big deal either. (i recommend tagging along with heavies or so, once they push, you go in and finish the job)
      Fun Rating: 7/10 -you have to put in a lot of work (knowledge, relocating, etc) Opposite of Ts5

      Skota T-56 is a trickster. Standing before you/angling and your tiny slope of a lower plate is auto bounce (which most aim at in reflex) or its well hidden on ridges+ the UFP is auto bounce. Doing 920 damage in one go is AMBT all over again. Most tanks only got 1500~1800 health at Tier 8.
      Fun Rating: mixed bag. 24s reload leave you open -so you better hunt in packs…

      What shocks me most about the shown data is honestly that the Somua isn’t upon them.
      THIS thing is cruel. It can one clip most T8 on its own from full health. 1500 volley in quick succession with fine penetration and swift unload. Only thing is that the turret armor is soft (but the hull pretty good!) … but I usually dont care. So the other guy hits me for 3~400? I do you for 1500. Fair trade!! (and if you follow others sometimes, its a 0-1500 trade. twice as fair hehehee…)

      Either way. Using just 2 of either tanks in a platoon can be devastating to enemy health.
      I always like to think “prems i buy should do one thing OUTSTANDING at least so i can exploit it in some way” (not OP all around, just 1 good trade, or gimmick)… -offer unique gameplay.

      [The T54prot for instance is all around a very solid tank. no weaknesses but also not ‘much wow’ in any single area’]

      Obviously a lot of volley OR speed OR armor OR whatever can do great if you find or rather CREATE the right situations in which you can shine….

      ps Kind of odd the 279f isn’t on the list. Its a LansenC with armor but less gun depression :p
      (high dpm+volley! sick tank really, once you get used to the sluggish nature)

      … sooooo much about my opinion on the howl thing 😀

      psps. IF you want/have the AMBT… never unload all 3 shots unless you are 100% you have a LOT of time. The 1st is swiftly reloaded and 2 dont hurt muchhhh more either, but the 3rd takes forever!! ♥

  4. The developers did not expect this.

    This is the biggest, stinkiest pile of horse shit I’ve seen since 2022 started.

    AMBT was first introduced to supertest when, December? November? Then one/two days before the auction, it was buffed.

    And then it sold for a minimum bid of close to 50 euros/USD.

    Normally I don’t pay much attention to WG’s lies, but this one is so bad and so obvious even a child would notice and facepalm.

    Fuck these dogs of Lukashenko.

    1. Oh please.
      You just mad cause you and others cried it’s bad
      And now there is a hint of it’s not, the world ends!!!

      Buhu people pay and wg needs/wants money
      So unfair.

      Get a job

      1. U wat? Dude, maybe plug brain before typing nonsense?

        This tank was always good, even before the last second buffs. What I’m calling out here is WG playing the victim when they were fully aware this would’ve been a really strong premium (and they buffed it anyway because it had to sell in the auction), and chose to sell it through the scam machine/auction to make more money than they would’ve had they sold it as a normal vehicle.

        Long story short – they knew what they were doing from day one, and their claim that “they were not expecting” AMBT to perform so well is kindergarten level of lies.

  5. Pspspsp
    Bour is too situational. Don’t find it strong
    Also AMBT. Ppl get aware of it soon enough and it drops a bit…. Like all new tanks

  6. It could be worse for you, you could be on the Asia server where because of laws of a country you don’t live in, aren’t a citizen of, and have never visited, you aren’t allowed to “gamble” with “real money”, which has been deemed to be gold in WoT.

    You can however…gamble with another in game currency, free xp.

    WG could be drowning you in gold every xmas lootbox time, and you could have nothing to spend it on….most players only have (x) amount of xp laying around to convert, and when the “auctions” are ALL free xp ONLY currency….well GG.

    Free Asia!

  7. Lol hell no, the ambt is not op, seems like a balanced tank to me with fucking terrible gun handeling and shit dpm… armor ain’t that good either.. progetto 46 is much better in almost all aspects.

  8. If you consider the AMBT with its maximum potential (players’ skill, equipments,…), it’s definitely another OP tank. Personally I would say it’s even better than Pro46. But with different playstyle so it’s hard to say which tank is easier to play.
    For majority of the playerbase, it’s just an average tank. The reason for this is very simple, this tank can play hulldown but very cautiously, can even sidescrape against certain tanks, when to unload fully, when to shoot 1 or 2, what equips to use? What Field Mods to take to makes this tank the best? All of those things lead to the result: one of the tier8 tanks that have highest EVV to get 3 marks but the overall winrate is not that high.
    Btw, Bourrasque is the game changer. You can’t get anything dirtier than that tank in the game from tier 8 and above.

  9. So what? Even if it’s OP… What can WG do about it now?!
    All because you faggots keep copy and pasting that WG can never nerf a premium tank. Lmao.
    There product they can do what they want with it.

  10. NA stats are completely different, the AMBT is around 3300.

    I expect this website to know that stats on servers differ based on how many have the tank and who is playing them at the moment to retain the gun mark statistics.

    You can’t just niche pick one server and then claim it’s OP.

    The AMBT is good, but not as good as the Borrasque and not even CLOSE to being OP like the SKODA T-56.

    1. Bourrasque, hell yes the dirtiest thing but Skoda T56? It’s OP but not THAT OP.
      With only 248 pen yes it’s AP so 5* of normalization but still, you will struggle against quite some higher tier HTs.
      The tank is not THAT great for playing hulldown. Same tier HTs can even pen it right in the face with >220 pen AP, plus quite large cupola.
      Most important thing, pick accuracy your mobility is no special, pick mobility your gun is derpy. You simply can’t have both.
      I don’t see the reason why ppl put Bourrasque & Skoda T56 on the same line.
      Winrate nowaday is nothing more than a stats. But EVV shows us how well top players are performing with most tanks apart from some very unpopular ones.
      I guess ~3.6k of the Bourrasque is equal to ~3.3k of the Skoda?

  11. People could think T95E6 is OP since only good players play it.
    It’s same with AMBT, not everyone have 12-13k gold on his account, only players that are above beginer level, let’s say it like that.
    It’s decent tank but has a lot of weaknesses.
    It’s a shame i cancelled the bid for it, it sounds interesting to play.

  12. AMBT should’ve been a Tier IX tank. Wargaming nerfed it during testing to make it Tier VIII and apparently that wasn’t enough.

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