WoT – Monthly Rundown: February Specials Sneak Peek (EU)

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February may be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean we’re short on specials, events, and discounts for you to get into. Over the coming weeks, you can expect Top of the Tree vehicles, weekend specials, Valentine’s Day missions, Lunar New Year celebrations, and more!

January was another fantastic month for YouTube subscriber milestones, with over 26,000 new subscribers joining us. That means that throughout February, there will be seven Standard Codes and one Joker Code included in random YouTube videos. Discover and redeem them for glorious rewards!

Please note that the Monthly Rundown is not a comprehensive overview, and some details may change.

Specials and Events

  • Top of the Tree

From February 5 through March 5: February’s first Top of the Tree special sees discounts, missions, and bundles leading up to the powerful X Centurion Action X . Explore a line that features favorites such as the Cromwell and Comet before getting to grips with this mobile medium that’s king of the ridgelines.

From February 20 through March 20: Scout ahead with the nimble X Manticore . Playing to this light tank’s strengths—good speed and acceleration, small size, low profile, and excellent camouflage—is key to aiding your team and securing victory. Get discounts, missions, and bundles all the way up the line, and take charge of the battlefield!

  • Winter Sports Celebration

From February 4 through February 20: Show your athletic side with this celebration of winter sports. Complete missions for cool customization items.


Unique customization items

  • Clan Wars

From February 7 through February 21: Assemble your clan members and get ready to fight for worldwide domination as the Global Map returns with a new event called Confrontation. We’ve significantly reworked the distribution of rewards, and for the first time during the Global Map events, seven clan tanks will be available at once, including the formidable X T95/FV4201 Chieftain !

  • Happy Valentine’s Day

From February 8 through February 15: Still searching for the love of your life? Perhaps you’ll meet them on the battlefield while completing Happy Valentine missions for lovely rewards.


Customizations and Premium vehicle discounts

  • Crew Is Crucial

From February 18 through February 21: While you’re occupied by romance, your crew is hard at work. Show your love and appreciation for your crew with plenty of discounts and a nice XP boost.


Extra XP for every first win

  • Choose Your Difficulty

From February 25 through February 28: Choose your difficulty in a series of missions designed to test your mettle and reward the bravest of commanders. Earn more XP for harder missions, and reward yourself with additional discounts on customizations and more.


x2 XP

Ongoing Activities

  • YouTube Subscriber Milestones

Until February 28: After exceeding 26,000 new subscribers, we’re hiding more bonus codes in videos on the official English World of Tanks YouTubechannel. This month, there will be seven Standard Codes and one Joker Code hidden in random YouTube videos. Spot them to get awesome rewards! Click the link below to see what goodies you can discover!


  • Monthly Twitch Drops

Until May 9: Discover Monthly Twitch Drops, a new way to get the rewards you want through a fixed set of four Twitch Drops campaigns (one per week). Earn tokens by watching official World of Tanks channels and participating streamers, and customize your rewards in the Twitch Drops Store. Spend a few tokens right away for useful in-game perks, or save up for fantastic prizes, like 2D styles and Premium vehicles!

  • Lunar New Year

Until February 7: Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with specials and the Hidden Tiger Challenge running through February 7 at 10:00 CET (UTC+1). The Hidden Tiger Challenge will award you with a smashing 2D style, essential equipment items, and many other in-game rewards. But the main prize is the powerful WZ-114, a brand-new Tier IX Premium Chinese heavy tank with a mind-blowing 3D style that features two states!


  • Referral Program 2.0: Season 9

From January 26: The new Season of the Referral Program has just started, bringing new pools of Premium vehicles for Commanders and their Recruits. We also reworked the Recruit progression in the Referral Campaign, rebalanced solo mission #2, and improved several interfaces.


  • Player Seniority Awards

From November 25, 2021: Let’s celebrate another year together! Simply log in to the game between now and November 2022 to claim your Well-Deserved Rewards. You can choose your own rewards, too! Alongside the usual in-game goodies, you’ll also receive special Tokens that can be exchanged in the in-game Store for what you want most.


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