Celebrate the Lunar New Year and Hunt Down the Hidden Tiger!

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The Holiday Ops event is over, but we’re happy to celebrate once again, Commanders!

With the Lunar New Year approaching fast, we invite you to celebrate the Year of the Water Tiger and prolong the joyful mood! Jump into the special Hidden Tiger event, running from January 28 at 09:00 CET through February 7 at 10:00 CET (UTC+1), and earn a host of cool prizes!

The Hidden Tiger Challenge will award you with a smashing 2D style, essential equipment items, and many other in-game rewards. But the main prize is the powerful WZ-114, a brand-new Tier IX Premium Chinese heavy tank with a mind-blowing 3D style that features two states! In addition, the WZ-114 can earn bonds and will be regularly filling your vault with this valuable in-game currency.

The Hidden Tiger

January 28, 2022, at 09:00 CET through February 7, 2022, at 10:00 CET (UTC+1)

The event consists of two Chapters: Shadow of the Predator (Chapter I) and Tiger Leap (Chapter II). Unlocking and completing Chapter II missions will grant you even more rewards, including the formidable Tiger Claw 3D style.

Hunt Down the Mighty WZ-114!

The day the Hidden Tiger event starts, you will see that everything in your Garage is ready for the celebration! Each Lunar Year is named after one of twelve animals, and 2022 will be held under the patronage of the Water Tiger.

The main prize of the challenge, the brand-new WZ-114, was chosen with this powerful predator in mind. This is the second Tier IX Premium tank in the game, which means it will earn more credits and Combat and Crew XP per battle. On top of that, the WZ-114 will allow you to earn bonds in battle, as a Tier X vehicle does, and swap the crew without penalty.

Bonus to Combat XP per battle Bonus to Crew XP per battle Bonus to credits per battle Bonds for reaching the top of your team Crew transfer without penalty
The parameters displayed are valid for the vehicle with each crew member trained to 100% major qualification level. Some vehicle characteristics can be further improved with the Commander’s bonus to major qualification level, crew perks, and skills, as well as special in-game items.

Its high alpha damage is counterbalanced by a rather long reload and aiming time. But the vehicle’s gun depression reaches as low as –10 degrees, which, considering the nation’s standard of –5 degrees, is excellent. You can comfortably bring this tank to hilly terrain and cause a lot of trouble for your opponents. The mobility of the WZ-114 is typical for a heavy, with a top speed of 33 km/h, so before the battle starts, it’s better to decide which flank you will fight on in advance.

Chapter I – Shadow of the Predator: General Overview

Your hunt for the mighty WZ-114 will last 10 days. To get this Tier IX Premium for free, you need to complete 10 consecutive Stages by fulfilling missions for mastery or commitment, all in Random Battles. You can track your progress via a special banner in the Garage without opening a separate Challenge tab.

  • Missions for commitment must be performed using Tier VI–X vehicles. Remember: Your result will only count if you finish in the top 10 on your team by XP earned at the end of the battle, no matter whether your team wins or loses.
  • Missions for mastery are more complex, but fulfilling them will save you time. You can only complete these tasks using Tier IX–X vehicles.

Both sets of tasks can be fulfilled simultaneously (given that all conditions are met), so it doesn’t matter exactly how you end up progressing to the next Stage. The mission that is completed first will count towards your progress for the next task on either path—commitment or mastery.

Regardless of the path you end up taking, each completed Stage will bring you rewards, including a unique 2D style, Personal Reserves, equipment items, and days of WoT Premium Account! Plus, each Stage knocks 10% off the final price of the WZ-114. If all 10 Stages are completed within the given timeframe, this vehicle and its 100% trained crew with Brothers in Arms as a zero perk can be acquired for free.

Striped Predator: Get Your Hands on an Amazing 2D Style!

In addition to a new Premium tank and other cool prizes, you will also earn the special all-season Striped Predator 2D style after completing six Chapter I Stages. This unique style features fiery black tiger stripes and a snarling tiger on the upper glacis plate. You can apply it to any vehicle in your Garage and turn it into a formidable predator that will strike fear into your enemies on the battlefield!

Chapter II – Tiger Leap: Get the Gorgeous Tiger Claw 3D Style and Other Extra Goodies!

If you manage to finish Chapter I within 10 days or purchase the WZ-114 bundle, you can go even further! Complete 10 additional daily Chapter II missions (all in Random Battles and only in the WZ-114) to get special rewards for each, such as Personal Reserves, days of WoT Premium Account, and Crew Books. You can view the mission conditions and track your progress while completing tasks on a separate tab in the event’s interface.

Chapter II missions will also last for 10 days, from January 28, 2022, at 09:00 CET through February 7, 2022, at 09:00 CET (UTC+1), and they will be available once per account. The faster you get this brand-new heavy by completing Chapter I, the more rewards you can earn from Chapter II missions.

The total discount on the package with the 3D style, Personal Reserves, and days of WoT Premium Account cannot exceed 100%.

Once you complete any eight Chapter II missions, you’ll get your hands on the gorgeous Tiger Claw 3D style, available exclusively for the WZ-114. This unique custom look is inspired by the mighty Water Tiger, lunar patron of 2022, depicted on the vehicle’s hull and turret in a combat jump.

But the main feature of the Tiger Claw 3D style is that it has two states: full and partial. By default, you will see the full version with a tiger’s head and red fireworks on the gun. But if you want, you can disable these two elements in the game client.

Each Chapter II mission completed will provide you with a 12.5% discount on the 3D style bundle, which means you can get it for free if you complete eight missions. Want to take the fast track? Get the 3D style bundle with additional rewards on the Chapter II screen, available for 6,000 gold.

Get the WZ-114 and Other Goodies Immediately!

Can’t wait to grab all Chapter I mission rewards and get the mighty WZ-114? Head straight for the Premium Shop and purchase the whole bundle! It will also give you instant access to the Chapter II missions with additional rewards.

Completing Chapter I Stages beforehand will give you discounts on the final price of the bundle—10% off for each Stage completed. For example, completing 8 out of 10 Stages will knock 80% off the price. You can purchase the bundle from January 28 at 09:00 CET through February 7 at 09:00 CET (UTC+1). But if you miss the deadline, you can get it within a two-day “last call” period, which will finish on February 9 at 09:00 CET (UTC+1). The WZ-114 bundle can only be purchased for real money.

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  1. Man, im rly happy i cant play that much anymore, cos this is a pretty solid offer with all those goodies u can get for free – if u can spend like 5-7 hours per day playing WoT 🙂 I can imagine all those kids preparing now to spend those 10 days in front of the monitor, especially if they cant go to school because of the Covid pandemics. So, 10 days of full goldspam battles are coming i guess 🙂

    1. Children play cool games
      Not wot. that’s for old people

      People just grind along
      As if they shoot more or less because of it.

      As for the grind: doing a weekend and like 4 per day works usually but ye

      It’s still a lot.
      I will post some straight numbers soonIsh

    2. So, 10 days of full goldspam battles are coming i guess

      How is that any different compared to normal everyday WoT?

  2. Two hours of real life work I can buy this piece of shit.
    Why you talk of COVID that was years ago…..

    1. On the bright side, its a pile of shit with no dpm, no mobility and god awful soft stats.

      I wonder how long this balans(tm) streak will last…

    2. It’s a worse E 75 all things considered, so hardly a problem tank. People should look at the tank stats before whining “fu WG you sell Tier 9 to noobs”, there was a lot of uproar for Strv K and yet that tank is a unicorn sight and when it shows up it never overperforms.

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