WoT Global Map: Upcoming Event Trailer Video

It seems that a video announcing the upcoming Global Map campaign has appeared a little too soon on the Asian World of Tanks YouTube channel.

As is usually the case – the video is no longer available.

A copy was saved and is available below:

15 thoughts on “WoT Global Map: Upcoming Event Trailer Video

    1. Imagine there are people who didn’t play those two campaigns where it was available and are now considered lesser players because they don’t own chieftain. I am one of those, I have only 20k bonds and with my stats(8600wgr) have no chance of getting into regular licence limit (lowered now). So I am quite pi..ed off that there is chance to get chieftain again and I can’t get it, but noobbs with farmed bonds are gonna have them all.

      1. Chieftain is hard to play. Your 8600 is to bad for the Chief anyway, so don’t worry. You are better off with a sconq.

    2. Yeah man, such a shame. Spending a few years scraping bonds instead of being Real Men and duking it out in the most toxic game mode of an already toxic game. The nerve of these people! /s

      Chieftain existing already ruins the game (along with other premiums that have been balanced by a bunch of drunkards), it’s about time the wannabe pros understood that the game is for everyone and not exclusively for their own enjoyment.

      That said, if the tank has been earned in clanwar or through bonds bid, all fair and square. If it’s the result of paid account boosting then no, that’s a zero tolerance area and I wish WG took the matter seriously instead of stoning themselves with vodka.

      1. I have mixed feelings about this, I wanna remain competitive and get myself a Chieftain but at the same time I’m aware this tank isn’t good for the game.

        It isn’t fair that new clans can’t really compete against older clans which own a full team of Chieftains, but at the same time a platoon of three Chieftains isn’t fair for the random queue.

        As always this tank will generate controversy for being exclusive for CW because not all the people have tons of time to play the campaign for 4 hours straight during 2 weeks.

        1. I got my chieftain on the first day it got introduced played it once and i felt so disgusted with my self… Its horrible… Well least i got it when it cost only 4k bonds… Cause type 5 back then could counter it.. Like it could counter 279es.. I miss smacking them for 800+ alpha…

          1. It will be possible to get it for only 4k bonds but you have to do really good in CW, the only CW I have ever played I managed to get the Carro 45t and I really like it.

        2. As always this tank will generate controversy for being exclusive for CW because not all the people have tons of time to play the campaign for 4 hours straight during 2 weeks.

          And this is where paid account boosting comes into play. Why commit to a toxic game mode full of cheating, rigging, toxicity, and the stalest meta ever, when you can get someone else to do it for you for 200something euros?

          Also, WG could not care less about random battle balance. If a triple toon of chieftards ruins a match they expect us to shrug it off and click battle once the piss show is over. The notion that the tank is overpowered and needs nerfing (and it’s not the only one) is completely lost to them.

      2. Lol. That comment about trying to get WG to take a stand on account boosting… On a site that literally promotes SafeBoost for a T95/Fv4201 in their ads. The irony.

  1. Chieftain should not return, and it’s number in cw battle should be limited to 4 max.

    This news means WG wants to use it to siphon bonds and make the problem worse.

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