Global Map: Future Event Info

More information has been revealed about the upcoming Global Map event:

„Hello Commanders,

We plan for the Winter Global Map Event to start in the second week of February. It’s time to gather your clan members and get ready for this big event! Good luck to everyone involved.”


There are many questions about whether the T95 / FV4201 Chieftain will be the reward vehicle for the upcoming Campaign and when the official announcement will be made. Since the campaign is planned for February 7, we should see the official article on January 24.

It is also worth adding that yesterday, by mistake, information about the event on the Global Map was made available on the Chinese game client, and with it the likely list of reward vehicles on which the said Chieftain was found. Do we have any reason to believe that the tank will also arrive to us?

The Chinese server has always had its own rules, but for some time you can observe that it is somehow “matched” to the other servers. The events appearing there are standardized in relation to other regions, and therefore it can be assumed that the reward tanks listed in the screenshot above will be the same for everyone.

Vehicle list:

T95 / FV4201
Carro da Combattimento 45t
Object 907
VK 72.01 (K)

5 thoughts on “Global Map: Future Event Info

  1. One of WG’s best ideas was to remove the chief from the list and now they bring it back?
    Why is WG so obsessed with self destruction? I really have no words for this.

    1. Then they must ban the chief from CW.
      Or better: Either the tank is available to everyone or they remove it.

  2. I have no problem with cheiftain. Why would I want a shitty tank?!
    If you don’t got it then play better n00b

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