WoT: New Marathon Coming Soon

According to the colleagues at wotclue, we should expect a new challenge (marathon) for a tier 8-9 premium tank at the beginning of February (already).

No other major details so far.

29 thoughts on “WoT: New Marathon Coming Soon

    1. Marathons are one-time events, if a marathon tank does not break the game (see EBR 75) it will be eventually sold again in the web store. Same for holiday loot box tanks.

  1. Shitty marathon, then shitty Xmas event, shitty auction and now another shitty marathon.
    I was waiting to come back and play but that’s never going to happen…..

  2. @ Balacl0ra, please uninstall WOT. Seriously. You are the Donald Trump of WOT now with your comments. We players DO NOT want or need you.

  3. @Albert, please, shut up. Seriously. You are the Biden of WOT now with your comments. We players DO NOT want to have our freedom of speech oppressed by commies like you. 😁

    1. Right, because the ones attacking Capitol Hill and attempting a coup d’etat while beating up journalists and yelling “cut with the fake news” to them, as well as threatening politicians and security, were clearly Communists. /s

      1. How many police stations and court houses have leftist agitators in the US attacked over the past two years?

        1. If police shoot people like dogs 9/10 times they receive a dispatch (and let’s just not talk about thugs like Derek Chauvin), and courtrooms are as biased as they can get due to decades old prejudices, they should expect the flak.

          Mind you, that’s not exclusive to America, but some of the more egregious examples come from there (and please have the decency to not claim a spike in such cases under Trump(et) was a big coincidence).

          1. Oh please…… Where are the BLM in Chicago?! Which has the worst crime rate, highest number of shootings every weekend. But I guess black on black crime doesn’t count.
            So take your white leftist defeatism somewhere else.

            1. Vandalizing courthouses and burning down police stations isn’t “flak,” it is an attack on civil society. Everyone is sick and tired of left wing extremism.

              1. Everyone is sick and tired of left wing extremism.

                Most of the world is also sick and tired of antivax, far right neonazis. But I suppose the antivax movement, rampant racism, regression to medieval beliefs concerning life and so on are “left wing extremism” too LOL.

                Also, news flash – where I live, far right extremists destroyed a trade union center. But I suppose that does not count because when the right attacks, the victim deserves it?

                  1. So you have no argument with which to uphold your cause, it’s the tried and true “I want to do what I want and I don’t want to answer to anyone for what I do”. Exemplary. claps

                    I apologize to Seb for this crappy back and forth, this will be my last comment on the matter.

      2. Oh, please, spare me your “coup d’etat” bull$**t. Remember “rrrrrrrrrrrrraaasha collusion ” and Trump’s impeachment ? Remember #RESIST? Remember Hunter Biden’s laptop case, and the censorship of media? How can you NOT call that communism? 🀣

            1. Communism has killed over 100 million people worldwide.
              Nobody can stand there and support communism with that history.
              Whatever your stupid arguments for it.

              1. Don’t tell ME that, my country was under the communism boot…. not too much, just like 50 years. This is why i can’t stand this morons that advocate for censorship.

  4. Would be pretty funny if it’s the AMBT – you know, the tank a lot of whales will bleed themselves to get in the current auction.

    Seriously though, I hope it’s the WZ-114 (Tier 9 version of the tank).

    1. Marathons are always for new tanks though.

      WZ-114 or ShPTK-TVP seem like the most likely possibilities. Maybe K-2, but probably not since it only went into supertest a few weeks ago.

      1. Right, I completely forgot about the CZSK tank destroyer, that too is an option.

        Still hopefully it will be WZ-114, even Lorraine 50t would not be too bad.

  5. Gawddarn…every time I’m like “hmm I might return and get back into WoT for some time…” WG pulls one of their magnetic magic bunnies (read: some fomo event) out of their behinds.
    That like clock work, each and every time with such events, turns a sizable part of the attracted players into event-progression-yolo’ers.
    Result: battles become more lob sided, destabilizing gameplay quality, as players give up easier in a battle when they cannot achieve progression towards the marathon goal.

    So, for every player I hope this will be a special mode-event that runs out side the randoms.

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