31 thoughts on “Under the Hammer: 113 Beijing Opera

        1. NO, you are just a RETARDED FUCK for paying that much for a game, doesnt matter how much you like it or how rich you are. Thats just fucking stupid, as you are. IDIOT!!!!

            1. XD
              I wouldn’t spend that much on WoT, but I also don’t see the problem in someone doing it, as long as it’s their money and it’s not some kind of addiction, everything’s ok in my eyes

  1. Lol. So much gold for a skin that isn’t even a 3D one. At least the QL has a 3d skin and an effect. This has nothing…
    And the chinese servers get to bid on a WT which is far better….

  2. Lol 19k gold starting for a walking ammorack that will get fumpstered by any other tier 10 heavy 🤔

  3. The smoking stuff must be in WG from another planet… If I want somethin collect, surely it wont be notreal pixel tanks. Who this buys is retard in my eyes.

    1. Well tbh WG said it will be rare tanks, not competitive or good ones Kappa. Now we will have 114SP from RB the Obj 268 V5 also looks kinda meh for me

      1. Yes, rare, thats good and nice… but 65 Eur, thats a bit too much. OK, people have cheap gold from christmas, but anyway… Why havent they added them to bond shop? They would perfectly fit there (268v5 also)…

  4. is your mistake as players when u overbid all this years at blackmarket for up to extra 1000% price of product
    now face the greedy of russia

  5. WG knows that many forget the real money value of gold. People say: “Oh, after Christmas I have 70.000 gold on my account. I can easily pay 20.000 for a Tank, because after that I still have 50.000 left:” But as Nishi said, it is worth 65€ and more.

  6. This could’ve been sold for 16 euros as a style unique to the 113 but no, let’s make a full premium clone out of it, we can bloat the pricetag that way.

  7. i guess they are targeting a few chinese whales in europe or something.
    This is completely bonkers. 19k gold for skin, and a stupid one – go go wg go

  8. Let’s see, 6,100,000 in silver with no skin as a collectable (because no one actually plays them anymore) or 18,700 in gold with a skin, but still just as unplayable. I should buy two. (shakes head sadly).

  9. You will be better off converting gold to credits if you want the 113 than bidding gold for this tank. Its cheaper that way if you don’t care about the skin that is.

    1. Assuming that you’ve already researched a Chinese tier 10 tank otherwise you may want to include the time it takes to grind an entire line of Chinese tanks (which most people would agree are not the most enjoyable to play).

  10. But I can use a free mod pack if I want a skin.
    If I buy it for 80 euro other players not see my skin. So why not I use a free mod pack

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