World of Tanks – Object 279 Pictures

Pictures of the new Object 279 “Lunokhod” (USSR, HT-10).
The tank seems scheduled to arrive in 2022 on its four tracks. The vehicle model is ready in HD.

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      1. I’ve already stopped playing for 3 months and lost interest-I plan to sell my account at some point as well to get rid of this horrible addiction that I had with playing this game for 8 years.

        1. good luck selling it…they go for dime a dozen….try giving it away…and consider yourself lucky if you don’t end up paying to someone just to get it of your hands

    1. A dying game. WG always make soviet tanks Overpower. While all the other nations have strong tanks are nerfed like shit and event deleted from the game. It new era now but WG still make the game is suitable for oldman only. Slow move tanks. Shoot slow low accury. Aim slow. Reload slow. Omfg… Quit

        1. Just look at clan wars meta…
          Medium Tanks: Obj. 140 or 907
          Fast Heavies: Obj. 277
          Armoured Heavies: Obj. 279e
          Assault TDs: Obj. 268 v4
          …you were saying???

          1. though I agree with you, your depiction is far from accurate.
            Medium tanks: Obj140, Obj 907, CS-63, Leopard 1, STB-1, TVP
            Fast heavies: Obj 277, WZ 511A, Chieftain, VZ 55
            Armoured heavies: Obj 279e, Maus, E100, 60TP, Kranvagn, S. Conq
            Assault TD: Obj 268 v4 (very situational nowadays in the competitive scene)
            Armoured TD: T110E3
            Support TD: STRV 103b
            Light: EBR 105, AMX 13 105 (situationally on city maps + player needs to be very good), T100 lt

            So out of the 22 most meta tanks, “only” 6 are russians, which is still 3 more than the next nation, Germany, and 4 more than Czechoslovakia and France.

            Is there a clear domination of russian tanks? yes. To the extent you claim? no.
            The problem is not russian tanks, it’s reward tanks.

            The chieftard, 279e 907 and surprisingly often the Vk 75 01k are just plain out better than any other tech tree tanks (though the arrival of the VZ 55 changes this slightly)

  1. if this tank enters the game T10 is dead, effective hull armor is +300mm and the entier thing will most likely thanks to the angle be an auto bounce and knowing WG the turret will be 340+

    1. Turret side is 305mm thick not counting the slope lol, in war thunder the turret can even bounce apfsds from the late 90’s, it’s going to be nerfed in every single way.

  2. At least it is an existing tank instead of all fakes or paper projects they released lately. And I have not seen any specs yet so a bit early to uninstall guys 😉

  3. As if Obyekt 726 wasn’t bad enough already.
    Hopefully its an april fool’s joke a tad early.

  4. I expect this tank will have the same gun with 279e, same mobility.
    This hull will be impenetrable at the front, the flat parts on the sides should be penetrable. The turret with a fairly large-sized cupola will be definitely worse than 279e’s turret.
    And of course no more than -5 gun depression if this thing comes at tier 10.
    With all that conditions, 279 will be very similar to 279e, stronger than pretty much every other tank, but at least it’s still bearable.

    1. It’ll probably be like how it is in wt but balanced for wot. Big 130 deals good damage but has kinda low dpm and not amazing gun handling. Decent speed and mobility for its weight. Good armor but not impenetrable.

      Like you said, it’ll just be like 279e/obj 726 and is manageable, not that it’ll stop the average 800 wn8 player from complaining about it ever 2 seconds.

    2. Model seems interesting but nowadays players are better than before the 279e made it into the game so this tanks shouldn’t feel that OP when it appears in the game, also until we know the stats we should have a better idea about it

    3. In those pictures, it’s using the russian 122mm which are being used on 279e, IS-4 & 430U.
      Let’s wait and see how they will throw out stats of this beast, maybe they’ll change the gun too.
      Personally I like to see extremely exotic tanks trundling around in the game, it’s nice for the environment.
      But still, it needs to come with balance.

  5. I just see this will be a 3rd campaign for random battles but i was expecting wg to release something more substantial like obj 780 cause it is more of interesting tank

  6. The 279e today is VERY pennable….it’s wicked trolly for the <1000 wn8’s and below but most others know the titty up top and other weak spots.

    1. This is also assuming the average wot player cares to learn how to shoot premium and actually take the time to use to learn a weakspot.

      Rule of thumb is if they’re under 1600 wn8, decent chunk of the time they don’t even know how to pen a tiger 1, let alone anything else.

  7. I suppose “at least it got a hatch” but… I cant see that f balanced.
    You need to hit the other one with heat on the nose and the tracks are infuriating

    Lets make it tier x prem

  8. Whatta ***

    Hope the faggots who got HE and arta removed are happy now. Have fun throwing Tier 10 gold ammo at this thing and not doing anything to it.

  9. That looks more like the real 279 I’ve seen photos of, the one at Kubinka and on trials. It was shaped this way to withstand nearby nuclear overpressure blasts. The one in game now looks funky to me.

  10. With the new reserve tracks mechanics i think they’re making up a new line starting from tier 8 of double tracked russian heavies, with the tier 10 being the Obj 279, the tier 9 and 8 are going to be fake(probably).

  11. I hope that’s not another Campaign vehicle. I want to see another nation’s vehicle at the last reward. Also it would look lame when the just give us a familiar tank at the new campaign, so I have hope.

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