WoT EU – January Specials Sneak Peek

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Happy New Year! We’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a good one. To start it off, January comes with a host of specials, events, and discounts. Over the coming weeks, you can expect Top of the Tree vehicles, weekend specials, Tank Wars Round 7, Lunar New Year Celebrations, and more!

Holiday Ops 2022 ends January 10, so don’t miss out—make the most of the related activities before then. Enjoy the event bonuses of additional XP until January 24.

Last month was fantastic for YouTube subscriber milestones! We got over 20,000 new subscribers in December, so you’ll be able to discover seven Standard Codes and one Joker Code for sweet rewards in random YouTube videos during January!

Keep an eye on our other social media channels on New Year’s Eve so you don’t miss the chance to grab a cool style to celebrate the occasion.

Please note that the monthly rundown is not a comprehensive overview, and some details may change.

Specials and Events

Top of the Tree

From January 5 through February 5: The new year’s first Top of the Tree special sees discounts, missions, and bundles leading up to the dominating X Object 268 Version 4 . When you combine 293 mm of penetration and incredible gun handling with almost impenetrable frontal armor, you get this fearsome machine. Climb the Soviet tank destroyer line and claim your first Tier X of 2022.

From January 20 through February 20: Confront the enemy head-on with the tough X Pz.Kpfw. VII . The final vehicle in the German heavy line is capable of soaking up plenty of damage, thanks to up to 400 mm of effective frontal armor and 2,500 hit points, while the rear-mounted gun packs strong alpha damage. Get discounts, missions, and bundles all the way up the line, and take charge of the battlefield!

Ranked Battles Season 2

Arriving in January: Fight alongside—and against—the best commanders around in Ranked Battles Season 2 to earn heaps of rewards, including new items available for bonds in the in-game Store.

Tank Wars

From January 14 through January 24: Registration for Tank Wars Round 7 starts January 14, with missions and discounts available from January 17.

Choose either Team VII T29 or Team VII IS , complete missions, and earn rewards, including emblems, consumables, and Tank Wars Points to unlock Stage Rewards.

Team Effort

From January 14 through January 17: Team up with trusted commanders and take to the battlefield as a well-coordinated Platoon to earn plenty of consumables!


First Aid Kits and Repair Kits

WOT7 Tournament Finals

From early January through January 30: The next epic clash between fearless teams of seven is set to begin on January 19, with sign up starting in early January. Make sure to gather fellow tank commanders, sign up for the tournament, and jump into the fight for epic rewards!

If your team doesn’t make it to the finals, or if you just want to see some excellent tank action, tune in to the WoT7 Finals Streams on Saturday, January 29 and Sunday, January 30—live on Twitch. Drops will be enabled for guaranteed rewards the longer you watch.

Crew Is Crucial

From January 21 through January 24: It might be chilly outside, but your crew is always ready for battle. Show how much you appreciate their determination with plenty of crew discounts and a nice XP boost.


Extra XP for every first win

Lunar New Year

From January 24 through January 31: Get ready for the Lunar New Year with missions for emblems, tokens, and a 2D style.

From January 31 through February 4: When the full Lunar New Year celebrations begin, treat yourself to discounts on a wide selection of in-game items until February 4.

Ongoing Activities

YouTube Subscriber Milestones

Until January 31: After surpassing 20,000 new subscribers, we’re hiding more bonus codes in videos on the official English World of Tanks YouTube channel. This month, there will be seven Standard Codes and one Joker Code hidden in random YouTube videos. Spot them to get awesome rewards! Click the link below to see what goodies you can discover!


Social Media Giveaway

From December 31 until January 8: Be on the lookout for our social media giveaway to grab an awesome style.

Festive Twitch Drops

Until January 10: Watch any participating World of Tanks Twitch stream to receive up to 10 Small Boxes.

Holiday Ops 2022

From December through January: The Advent Calendar may be empty, but Holiday Ops 2022 is still going strong! Players have until January 10 to finish missions, complete their Collections, and buy Large Boxes.

Make the most of the Holiday Ops 2022 bonuses until January 24.


Referral Program 2.0

Until January 17: The latest Season of the Referral Program has been extended until January 17. Take advantage of the extension to complete unfinished Referral Contracts for tons of rewards. It’s the last opportunity to finish Contracts under the given requirements and the current prize pool.

At the end of this Season, open Referral Contracts will be automatically transferred to Season 9 and have to meet the updated rules for completion.


Player Seniority Awards

From November 25: Let’s celebrate another year together! Simply log in to the game between now and November 2022 to claim your Well-Deserved Rewards. You can choose your own rewards, too! Alongside the usual in-game goodies, you’ll also receive special Tokens that can be exchanged in the in-game Store for what you want most.


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