Update 1.15: 3D “Zorza” 3D Style for 🇮🇹 Bisonte C45

Style treated as non-historical, valued at 2,500 gold.

Captain Latini thought for a moment. He had to give an answer, but couldn’t find the right words.

«Marco, this is a rescue mission after all. We don’t have to go to war every time – sometimes the off-road abilities of our vehicle can be used non-violently. There aren’t many others than us who would be able to get here at all. Let me repeat that – our goal is not to use violence. »

Latini resumed staring at the map, hinting that the topic was closed. Of course, this ‘non-violent target’ also had one more point in fine print somewhere, otherwise why would they equip the vehicle with a well-maintained and fully operational cannon with a complete set of ammunition? But this point was known only to the captain. Naturally, this detail did not escape the attention of the rest of the crew, but no one had the courage to ask – that would be out of place. All in good time, thought Latini. The guys are not fools, they will understand themselves. When the time comes. “

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