Supertest: T-34M-54 – Changed Stats T-34M-54. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Gun: 85 mm ZiS-53

Rate of fire: 11,18   10,09 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 012   1 817
Damage per minute (HE Shells): 3 352   3 028
Reload time: 5,37 s   5,94 s

6 thoughts on “Supertest: T-34M-54 – Changed Stats

  1. HE shell dpm
    I think that’s a useless information since you never achieve it. Especially not with dat tiny caliber.

    Also without the information about the rest of the tank it’s hard to get an idea of it’s strength

    1. it’s not entirely fake, at one point in 1944 the Soviet actually made T-34-100 with D-10T gun and similar turret shape lol

      1. Hilariously fake. Whole reason T-44 existed is because T-34 turret/carrying capacity had already reached its limit as they discovered with T-43 (and its 85mm that this vehicle is mounting).

        Cut to Russia trying to upgun the T-44 prototype and discovering that yes, yet again, the vehicle is too small for the size of turret and class of gun they’re trying to fit in, see the already in-game T-44-122.

        And tada, we get T-54 prototype out of this. The hull drove development of the turret. ‘Backporting’ a new turret to T-44 was never an option on the table; they already had a new hull to stick it on.

        The Soviet Russians made a lot of missteps in tank development… but unlike their Western counterparts, they were able to realize when something was completely unworkable and cut their losses, as happened with T-44.

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