WoWS: Methods of distribution of new ships

Details about which resource some of the new ships will be available for in the upcoming updates, as well as some additional information about the replacement of Khabarovsk and Grosser Kurfurst in the tech tree.

In the first several updates of the year 2022, apart from Early Access to Pan-Asian cruisers, you will have an opportunity to put some other ships in your Port for free. We’d like to tell you which resource these ships will be available for.

X Incomparable

A 1915 design for a gigantic fast battlecruiser, armed with six 508-mm guns in three turrets.

The battleship is notable for her good speed, powerful AA, but not the best armor. As far as consumables, Incomparable is equipped with Engine Boost, Specialized Repair Teams, and Short-Range Hydroacoustic Search, which differs from the standard Hydroacoustic Search with a longer action time, but lower action range. She is also armed with two quadruple-tubed 533 mm torpedo launchers with a good range and the ability to launch single torpedoes.

The ship will be available for steel

X Forrest Sherman

The lead ship of the class she gives name to, this destroyer was built after World War II, taking into account the lessons learned during the conflict. The ship’s armament was primarily designed to counter aircraft and submarines.

The ship is armed with three rapid-firing 127 mm guns with HE and SAP shells. Her torpedo armament consists of four 533 mm single-tube torpedo launchers, placed in pairs on both the port and starboard sides. The torpedo launchers have a very narrow aiming sector. The torpedoes themselves are identical to the Mk17 used on Gearing, but have a faster reload. The ship has access to the Smoke Generator, Hydroacoustic Search, and Defensive AA Fire consumables in different slots.

The ship will be available for coal

X Sevastopol

A large artillery ship (Project 69-I), which resembles a swift “small battleship.” The ship’s main armament is represented by six powerful 380 mm guns placed in three turrets. Her AP-shells have improved ricochet angles and a short fuse time. The ship also enjoys quite good concealment parameters.

Sevastopol is equipped with the Fast Damage Control Team, Defensive AA Fire, and Hydroacoustic Search consumables in one slot, an Engine Boost with a short action time, but a larger bonus to speed, and a Repair Party that has a longer action time, but replenishes less HP per second.

The ship will be available for research points

Pan-American battleship Atlântico, Tier VIII

Project of a battleship with British main caliber guns and secondary armament, as well as American dual-purpose and AA artillery.

The battleship is armed with ten 381 mm guns in five twin turrets. The ship is equipped only with armor-piercing projectiles with improved ricochet angles and firing threshold. Atlântico also boasts long-range secondary armament of a solid caliber: ten 127mm guns and sixteen 234mm guns with a base range of 7.5 km. In addition to the standard Damage Control Party and Repair Party, the ship is equipped with the Hydroacoustic Search consumable.

Atlântico will be the next Dockyard ship.

X Grosser Kurfürst; X Khabarovsk

Several months ago we announced the changes to German and USSR tech trees. At the beginning of 2022, Grosser Kurfurst and Khabarovsk will be replaced in the branches with Preussen and Delny respectively.

After the replacement, Grosser Kurfurst and Khabarovsk will be added to the Armory for coal. Details about these changes are available in our Development Blog here and here.

If at the moment of the ships being replaced you had Grosser Kurfurst and/or Khabarovsk in your port, you will receive a credits compensation equal to half of the ship’s purchase cost. Grosser Kurfürst and Khabarovsk will remain on the accounts of their owners.

  • Compensation for Grosser Kurfurst will be 10 300 000 credits
  • Compensation for Khabarovsk will be 9 400 000 credits

Source: WoWS Devblog

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